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Vogue Australia Article 

Pantone has released the top 10 women's colours for spring 2014.

By Carmen Hamilton.


Dazzling blue 




Bright, but far from electric; 'dazzling blue' earned top place on list, making it your go-to colour this time next year.

This is great news for those who shied away from the neon and colour-blocking trends of past seasons, because this particular shade of blue is definitely more wearable.   

"It's all about a sense of balance. All designers want everyone to have fun with our clothes and to enjoy what we're wearing but there still needs to be a bit of practicality," Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone Color Institute's executive director told WWD.

Violet tulip




A member of the purple family, this romantic shade's second-place ranking has been attributed to its flattering effect on various skin tones.  

"What's interesting is we're seeing exciting and fashionable colours as well as more neutral ones," Eiseman told WWD.

We like pairing it with neutrals or colour blocking with complementary colours, as seen at Fendi Resort 2014.

Radiant orchid




Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama are fans. In fact, WWD reports that the dress Kate Middleton wore in this colour sold out within 48 hours. The Duchess of Cambridge has also been spotted in ‘dazzling blue' and ‘placid blue': "I don't deny at all that she's influencing the palette," said Eiseman.


Celosia orange


Also the trademark colour of Hermès, Eiseman says ‘celosia orange' has strong connotations with luxury goods and aspirational shoppers.

Word association tests have also revealed this colour has favourable connotations with fruit.




According to Eiseman, "this beautiful floral colour" has positive connotations and conjures up a vision of spring.

"We should consider how psychological all these colours are," Eiseman said.       





A high-impact, reddish orange that Eiseman describes as "a little bit exotic", ‘cayenne' can be easily introduced to one's wardrobe via statement accessories and eye-catching trims. 

"It's not as though everyone is willing to wear the bright colours from recent seasons head-to-toe," Eiseman told WWD.

"There needs to be equilibrium, and that is a more serious word than balance."

Placid blue


Placid Blue


As the subdued little sister of ‘dazzling blue', it comes as no surprise that ‘placid blue' - which Eiseman likened to a perfect blue sky - made it into the top ten colours.

"There is a reason people look outside each morning, knowing the sky is out there and hoping that it's blue," Eiseman said.





A popular shade of gray that communicates confidence and reassurance, ‘Paloma' will be the go-to neutral for spring '14.

"It's a beautiful gray and its name is provocative," Eiseman said.

"It also has a softness despite being architectural."

Our tip? Wear it from work day to weekend and back again.





A beige tone with a hint of warmth - setting it apart from typical ‘tan' and ‘beige' colours and making it all the more appropriate for the spring/summer season.

"The world still needs the stability of soft neutrals but we're not just talking about gray, beige and taupe," Eiseman said.

‘Sand' is best worn head-to-toe or paired with bright colours like ‘cayenne'.






‘Hemlock' is definitely the season's colour wildcard, coming in unexpectedly at number ten. While greens have been popular for some time (emerald green took out Pantone's colour of the year award for 2013), this particular shade of green is far more versatile, meaning it will work well with many different colour stories.