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Name: Yasmin Farry
Job Title: Show Producer and Event Manager

Did you always know you wanted to work in the Fashion Industry?
Actually I just happened upon it really. It was after I had finished studying my bachelor of contemporary dance and I needed a bit of change so I applied for a job with Zambesi and got it. So working with such an iconic fashion label really opened my eyes to the world of fashion and it's many possibilities.

What was your first job in fashion?
Oh just answered that above! Working for Zambesi.

Do you have a qualification? If yes, is it related to the role you have now?
I actually have 2 qualifications and both are unrelated to the work I do now – although in a lot of ways I use both and they both impact on and assist me in what I do. I have a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and a Diploma of Performing Arts in Contemporary Dance. The psychology definitely helps me deal with the egos!

Can you run us through the steps you took in gaining the role you have now?
I saw an opening about 15 years ago – there were not really any fashion events in NZ– or not many to speak of – so I decided to create my own. The first show I did completely without knowing what to expect, it was rather underground, but the best labels were showing - it was a huge success and really paved the way for me. I learnt from that and continued to expand and produce my own shows. Then I heard that NZ was starting a fashion week so I got a job producing shows for all the top NZ designers – that was 9 years ago! In between though I produce shows in the areas of music, art and theatre.

What is the highlight of your job?
Producing a successful show, with loads of media attention and hype.

What is your one piece of advice for people looking to work in a fashion production role?
Learn how to stay calm in the face of a storm!

Who is your icon in the fashion industry and why?
It would have to be Elizabeth Findlay of Zambesi. Not just because we have a history together, but also because she is a creatively strong, focused and an extremely calm businesswoman. She operates with a lot of heart and integrity and I think that is partly the reason Zambesi is about to celebrate 30 years.

Where do you draw your inspiration from when it comes to work?
During the creative process I listen to music and that inspires me on many levels – sparks ideas and gives me a focus.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In a hammock under a tree on a tropical island with my son and partner! Isn’t it everyone’s dream to retire at a young age?! But seriously, I would like to have established myself as a fashion show producer internationally.

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