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Do some people around you just seem lucky? Have you ever wanted to tap into the secret of their success? I can relate this to people who score a sensational job out of a cast of thousands. How come they were the chosen one?

I have spent years working with people on job application and interview strategy. From fashion graduates to Managing Directors of major fashion companies. Let me impart some of my theories on hooking your dream job.

Most job seekers go for the stab at everything theory. Apply for as many roles as possible and one is going to come your way. I am not into the volume theory for a couple of reasons. No one is qualified to do just about everything in their chosen industry. You need to identify your skill set and apply for jobs that match your training, experience or key strength. When you apply for dozens of roles you ultimately loose track of the contacts you have made. In my opinion there is nothing worse than calling an applicant to discuss their application and they have forgotten that they applied for your role.

With this in mind I want you to read this next paragraph and then close you eyes for a moment.

‘Take a moment to visual what it is that you want. Challenge yourself on the detail in your visualisation. Relating this to a job in fashion, image the product, people, surrounds, energy, and emotion you feel by immersing yourself in this space.'

You have just created your dream, but it's not only about the creation of your dream; it is that you believe that it is yours. It is not a space to doubt yourself, there is no need to. Everyone has the ability to have exactly what they want in life, they just need to want it badly enough.

Be true to yourself. If you take my advice you will look at jobs ads in a whole new light. You now have anchors in your mind to dissect job advertisements to resemble your creation of where you want to be. Print out the job ads, highlight key words that mirror your visualisation.

When you have found something advertised that you have connected with deeper than ‘just a job to apply to' it's time to plan your application. This is your dream so you have some passion coming into your submission. It's time to do some research. Google the company if you can, look them up in the phone book, drive past their offices, search the internet for their news, product and any information you can find. The idea is to apply with meaning. Prepare a letter that will have the person you are applying to know that you have researched their business and brand. Here is a good example. The company has just won an award or been at the frontier of a new fashion product invention. Start your letter with something like this...

‘I recently read that your company won the design innovation award for design excellence. Your company's innovation and fashion forward strategy really appeals to me. It is with great enthusiasm that I apply for the role of fashion designer.'

The idea is to relate your application to something that you would only know through research. Keep your letter brief and never use cliché lines like ‘I have a passion for fashion' just by applying the business will know that you have passion.

Your resume needs to reflect the job. Ensure that the requirements in the job advertisement are mirrored in your resume. For example if the job advertisement requests knowledge of certain computer software and you use that software mention it in your resume. Don't assume that the person you are applying to knows and understands your background and the businesses you have worked for. Be sharp and brief but make sure you have strong detail in your resume. Include a synopsis of the company and brands; your key responsibilities and your achievements.

Follow-up your resume a few days after you send it. Most importantly keep visualising working for this company. Live and breathe it, when you close your eyes and day dream focus on your dream and create it for yourself.

So you scored an interview. Congratulations! Now it's not just about turning up on time. You need to go into more depth to create this opportunity. Research more on the company, prepare meaningful questions, and focus on the job not the company trimmings! Hours, holidays, company benefits are not for your first get together. You want this job because of what you can offer, not what you want offered to you!

You will win people over by dressing the part, making eye contact, concentrating in the meeting and reading the room. Ask your meaningful questions, give informed information and be confident. You have absolutely nothing to loose.

Always send a letter or email to thank the interviewer after your appointment and reiterate your interest if this is your dream job.

I guarantee if you create your dream in detail all things in life will come to you. Visualise your perfect partner, perfect job, perfect financial situation, perfect health & harmony and it will manifest itself in your life. Step up and challenge your negative thoughts. Always know that you can achieve your dream job and dream life and be one of the lucky ones.

Natasha Zurnamer co Director of Rat Race Recruit Online and international job site Global Hub of Fashion Jobs. Industry specific site for the Fashion Industry with over 150 job titles in Fashion and new jobs listed daily.

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