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Are you studying? Enjoying this amazing time in your life? Then you need an interesting part time job, right? A job that will ensure you can make ends meet and still splash out at the fashion stores or party until sunrise at your favourite spot…


Let me suggest to you that one of the best part time jobs for students is a part time job in fashion… here’s why! (And I speak from experience of course!)

Working part time is to me the best of both worlds. You earn and you have your free time (to study of course?) By not being a full timer you can avoid the politics. When you work part time you are generally employed during the watch busy periods so time flies and usually you are paid more per hour as it is unlikely that you will receive the same benefits as a full timer.


One of the most stimulating things about working in a part time role as a student in the fashion industry is the fabulously social nature of the industry. Some excellent part time jobs for students in fashion include retail sales, visual merchandising and window dressing, administration including data, order entry and reception, warehouse and packing roles, modelling and promotional sales to name a few.


Right, how do you get and keep a fabulous part time role in fashion while you are studying? My best advice is to choose a role that will ensure the balance between your study commitments; lifestyle and work are in synergy. Hopping for job to job even as a student (part timer) is not great for your resume. Be honest in your applications and ensure that you are not over committing to the role just because you need the money or you are in love with the potential product discounts or the prestige value of working for the brand!


You should consider that a part time role in fashion is not necessarily in your chosen career field and getting great marks is priority one. It is also a good idea to be upfront and let your potential employer know how long you need the part time job for. If you need to reduce your hours during exams give them plenty of notice and never ever no show to a shift unless it is an extreme circumstance, like seriously extreme (coffee split on the latest essay doesn’t qualify).


When you apply you need to stand out in a crowd. Having worked in fashion recruitment it is best that I share with you that the response rates when you advertise a part time role far exceed the applicants for a full time role. Your resume needs to be professional short and sharp. List your experience from most recent and always use point form; short sharp one line bullet points explaining your key responsibilities. Don’t over exaggerate your experience level, the employer may feel you are ‘over experienced’ and don’t understate, you need to impress. Ensure your cover letter is also short and sharp. Use point form to list your experience; 5 points maximum and avoid cliché lines – passion for fashion is an absolute killer! If the role requires a great fashion look, eg modelling, promotional sales or a job that is within a glamorous retail brand environment, send a great photo of yourself, your fabulous looks might just get you over the line!


Part time roles especially in retail are often conducted in a group interview process. Be prepared to shine. Practice your interview techniques, be confident (but not overly confident) and ensure you turn up to the interview looking like a professional. That is; beg and borrow but leave the study attire at home. One of the most important criteria to an employer employing a part time student is reliability. Be early not late and never no show without a call and a very good excuse. Respect the time of the employer!


Stand out in the crowd by sending a thank you email or letter to the employer thanking them for the interview and expressing your interest in the role after learning more at interview. It’s the little professional touches that will get you over the line. There is a fine line though – no harassing by calling several times a day to see if you are the chosen one – this is often seen as a too keen negative!


Enjoy your part time role in fashion, you will forge fabulous friendships, earn great money and work in a fun and energetic environment! And good luck with your studies!


Natasha Zurnamer Director of Rat Race Recruit Online and international job site Global Hub of Fashion Jobs. Industry specific site for the Fashion Industry with over 150 job titles in Fashion and new jobs listed daily.

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