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Asking for a pay rise can often be quite a confronting experience right?

You feel you are worth it and often if you go unnoticed you begin to feel resentful and unappreciated. Well consider my best advice for strategising for those extra dollars you feel you deserve!

Asking for more money in a work environment is more often an emotional experience. If you are like most people the build up to a performance appraisal can be stressful and confronting. It doesn’t have to be this way if you work out the ground rules before things get out of hand.

By working on these 3 levels of advice you will be in a strong position.. are you ready?

1. When you commence in any role ask for a Position Description with measurable performance goals. For example if you work in Sales this could be achievement of a sales budget. For other areas it can be more difficult to put a measure on performance but working on productivity is always workable. Here are some examples...

Pattern maker– Number of patterns created in a week

Retail Manager – Achievement of budgets

Warehouse – Fulfillment of orders according to budgets

Marketing Manager – Increased sales attributed to marketing campaigns

Designer – Increased volume of sales based on product design

2. Keep a measure of your own performance and any thing that you feel you have created that has improved the company’s position. It may sound unheard of but keep a log book; your boss may forget all of your effort so keeping notes in preparation for your review will certainly come in handy. These needs to cover cost savings, innovations and achievements.

3. Don’t let your emotions dominate. If you have been promised a bonus, pay rise or benefit by a certain date diarise it and remind your boss. Let them know that you need to make time to see them and make sure they commit to a day and time. Just a word of warning. Businesses are busy and if you feel like you are being avoided just remember that this is probably not the case. Your boss has many things to deal with and your pay rise may not be at the top of their priority list for no other reason other than the fact that they are busy!

So you have done your homework and today is your day to shine.. Are you nervous? Well don’t be. By having the facts; your measured results and your diary of all of your contributions you have taken the ‘emotion’ out of asking for a pay rise and brought in the ‘facts’. By stating your case in the form of ‘facts’ you are in a strong position to get what you want.

When you go into your performance appraisal meeting have your case ready. Spend some time in preparation so you have your facts in clear concise points. Remember this discussion is about your performance and contribution to the company. It is a big no no to ask for a pay rise on the basis of the cost of your rent or the repayments of your new car! These are your choices and do not form a reason for your boss to reward you! Once you have proven that you have been a solid contributor to the company’s performance it will be time to negotiate the money.

Before we go into how to ask for more money here is just another word of warning.. The company’s overall financial position is going to determine whether a pay rise or bonus is going to be payable to you. Regardless of your effort other expenses in the business can restrict salary budgets. If this is the case negotiate something else for your efforts. For example a few extra days off at full pay; or an increase in your product allowance from the warehouse or retail store. Although these are not directly a pay rise they do form financial gain and acknowledgment.

So bearing this in mind.. How do you ask for more money?

It’s like ‘what comes first’ the chicken or the egg. Do you ask for a certain figure or do you ask your boss to give you a figure? See how the discussion goes, quite often if you have stated your case your boss will be forthcoming. If the amount you have been offered is lower than you had hoped try to come to a figure you are both happy with if not why not negotiate and plan some new measurable goals and plan a new date to meet. Perhaps you could attach a financial figure to this so all things being equal the money will be forthcoming on the achievement of the goals.

Good luck, state your case, keep it to facts and create a case that lets your boss know that you are worth it!


Natasha X


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