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Are you employment fit?

Do our employment fit test and in 5 questions see if you are ready to succeed in getting your dream job in fashion.

At we want you to be successful.  We have created a fashion fit check list to get you prepared for finding your dream job in fashion....

1. Is your resume up to date?  Does it include your latest job?  

If you have answered no, you should be aware than sending out a resume that isn't complete can cost you an interview... Why? Well many employers do not read cover letters, so if you mention your current job in the cover letter, it can be missed.

Writing a resume should flow easily, have a look at our Fashionista guide (click here to sign up for your copy) and if you don't have a job spec and need inspiration why not purchase a Job Spec from (click here).

2. Are you qualified?

If you are aiming for a job beyond your qualifications you really need to create a compelling reason for applying.  If you decide to apply why not state your areas that need development to be successful and remember the employer may just need your skills in another areas of the company so it is worth applying.

3. References?  Are you ready to be referenced?

References are very important.  Make sure your referee's are ready and know you are looking so they don't delay the process for you.  Make sure they are sound references, they must be a senior manager within the company and legitimate.  Do not make the mistake of listing someone from your present company without informing them prior, and ensure that this does not in any way jeopardise your current job.  Know that references may be checked before an interview.

4. Is it too soon?

Have you stuck it out for long enough, learnt everything you can or can you grow within the business but too shy to talk to your boss?  These are not reasons to leave.  Be as open as you can with your communication and make sure you are leaving to grow because your growing is over in your present job.

5. What do you want?  Do you have a vision?

Did you know that 7% of people really honestly write down their goals?  And do you know that by writing down your goals makes you more than 95% more successful in achieving them?  How can you put yourself in the job market when you don't have a 5 year plan at least.  A job is about more than money.  If you want money; you can do anything right?  If you want a future you need a plan.  Remove the sense of survival from the process, focus on what you want and write a plan.  The best way to do this is to write a list of what inspires you.  Mention people, visions and dreams.  Know that writing a plan makes you more logical in an interview and better equipped to be a success.



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