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When the market gets a bit shaky, there can be redundancies – what would happen if the unthinkable happened to you?
When times become uncertain, many businesses are not geared for a downturn in sales and cost cutting becomes essential to survival. Redundancy can be the only answer to a businesses' survival, but if you are the one facing redundancy it will be a time for extreme soul searching.

Every cloud has a silver lining but it can be very hard to imagine when you have the carpet ripped from under you. If you have been made redundant or even if you sense your company may be looking at downsizing you need to be armed with the ability to cope and create a negative into a positive.

Here are my five tips to making the most of getting your career back in step!

1. Your payout! Often a large payout can tempt you into a trip or spending spree. When you are not working you always spend more than when you are. Be careful with your pay out. Plan to get a job straight away and then once you have job security take a holiday. You will enjoy yourself much more if you have a job to come back to...

2. A Company Reference (or letter of service)! Make sure you get a letter from your company stating that you were made redundant. It is really important that you have a document to state this. Your performance as an individual is less likely to come into question when the company has stated that your role was made redundant. If you can get a written reference that is great but many companies today won't provide them so at the least you need a certificate of service and by law you should receive one.

3. Get your resume up to date. Make sure you send an up to date resume and include achievements. It is really important that your resume is concise and that your cover letter is also short and punchy. Take a look at our free download kit; you receive it when you join the fashionista network.

4. Interviews! Make sure you keep all negative sentiments out of your future discussions. It is a terrible feeling when you have been made redundant but gossip and negativity against a former employer is never a good idea. Don't have sour grapes, move on and appreciate the experience that you were given by your previous employer.

5. Don't inflate! Particularly in difficult economic times - don't use a redundancy as an opportunity to inflate your salary in your new job. Be honest about your salary expectations. You may find that the job rewards differently (more) and that's great but an inflation of salary could be the difference between job security and a long search, and you need to consider this.

Above all if you really feel down and thrown by the experience of redundancy, talk. Talk to your friends and family or even support groups. Redundancy can be a very trying time and it is totally acceptable to feel very vulnerable. Always visualise what you want and keep saying to yourself that ‘it is the greatest gift - something bigger and better is just waiting for me and I am going for it!'

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