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So many candidates today fall into the bad practice of ‘no showing'! When you have an opportunity to be interviewed you need to follow interview etiquette - and a no show is a no no..

With an abundance of opportunities on offer the whole interview process can be confusing. It is important though to be on top of the game and make sure you make the right decisions when you have opportunities placed in front of you...

My best advice is to keep a diary of your job hunting exercise. Here are the top 5 things to diarise:

1. Keep record of every job you have applied for, record the company name, job title and contact person. If they contact you for an interview refer back to your diary- it is incredible how many recruiters have experienced candidates who forget they have even applied to their company! Always sound logical and on the ball - keeping a diary of your applications will help you enormously to jog your memory...

2. If you have been offered an interview and need more information to assess the opportunity ask for it! You are entitled to ask for a position description, and understanding of the location, hours, pay and expectations before you go for an interview. Make sure you are happy to go for the interview before accepting it and never accept an interview and then no show!

3. Take note of the time and location! Give yourself plenty of time to get there and always turn up at least 5 to 10 minutes early. Put the phone number of the company in your diary just in case you are lost of hit troublesome traffic. Always call if you think you might be late!

4. If you accept an interview and then decide not to attend - make sure you call the company and let them know. There might be many perfect reasons why you can't attend but always leave a positive impression.

5. Keep a record of the interviews you have attended. Make sure you take notes that you can refer back to if they ask you to go for a second interview of offer you the job. When you attend several interviews it can be difficult to remember the finer details. Take notes and be on the ball!

You just never know how a small error during the interview process can cost you! Especially in small industries like fashion it's amazing how your no show or critical blunder in the interview process could cost you even years later when you come across the same person in another company! Keep that in mind and make sure you make a great impression even in those situations when you don't choose to make an impression at all!

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