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With all the competitions we run on the site and the great response we always receive, we decided to get some feedback from one of our winners. We spoke with Kelli Sharp who attended our Insiders lunch, and won the desired Givenchy "it bag".

What are your thoughts on the competitions we run at
I think the competitions are a fantastic initiative and a great bonus feature of the site. I don't enter a lot of competitions but the prizes that offer industry education or opportunities are a real draw card. They are experiences you cannot obtain easily yourself.

Do you find our site beneficial and why do you find it to be so different to other job boards?
The site is beneficial basically because it has a strong industry focus. Other job boards that are general can formalize the job search process and make it a chore to search for a job. puts you in the fashion "zone" as soon as you log on and it is exciting to discover the opportunities that are arising. When you already love fashion builds on that excitement and that is a great frame of mind to be in when searching and applying for a job!

What was your experience at the Insiders lunch?
The Insiders lunch was a lovely event. The girls at and Review went to great effort to put together a gorgeous lunch. It was a great opportunity to chat casually with a range of people in the corporate side of fashion and see how it relates to the retail floor. It was interesting to hear from fashion insiders in an array of positions across Myer, Review and on how they paved their career path and particularly how a majority of them all started in retail. I was also inspired to see Review's operation and discover they manufacture their gorgeous clothes here in Australia.

Was the Insider's lunch beneficial did you gain some insight?
It was definitely beneficial - as I now own a Givenchy handbag! LOL! But seriously, it was a unique opportunity to meet with an array of people from all aspects of the fashion industry. It was a real insight. Gathering such valuable industry knowledge is stimulating and extremely beneficial in piecing aspects of the industry together.

How is the Givenchy bag doing?
Well she certainly gets a lot of attention! From quiet glances and whispers to girls shrieking, I loooovvvve your bag! I took her interstate this week and the airport security guard that placed her through the scanner stated, "Now that's a bag". I simply acknowledged and advised, "Yes, this one is definitely to be handled with care!".

How many outings has it been on?
Well I certainly don't know how I ever lived without her as she has been most places with me since I took her home a month ago! She already has frequent flyer points and is becoming known as Miss Nightingale in my social circle!

With ‘Miss Nightingale' by her side Kelli is certainly going places.





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