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Even if you are a small company keeping the vibe is essential to staff retention.  It's not all up to the boss and management to keep the social scene going.  Here are some of our ideas on creating fun social times in any work place..
The office birthday party!
Take the one day celebration tactic.. everyone has a birthday so why not choose a day for everyone to celebrate together.  Simply put everyone's name in a hat and buy a present to the value of $15 for the person you have drawn.  On the nominated group party day bring your presents and a plate and enjoy food, drinks, cake, a group ‘Happy Birthday' and the exchange of presents together!  Basically create a tradition where by the 15th of June each year is company birthday celebration day!  It sure beats the embarrassment of having the company sing to you and celebrating birthday after birthday!
The office after work drinks!
Create a jar for donations each month to go towards office drinks!  It could be the curse jar, the office bets jar or the jelly bean guessing competition jar.  Whatever suits, but a collection of loose change is great for starting the drinks at your favourite local bar and is a great mingle idea to build team spirits.  Diarise the time and place and meet at regular intervals...
Once a year pamper day!
If your team has done well - reward them!  Here are some ideas - the at the desk massage!  Get a local massage therapist to give a fabulous 10 minute chair massage.  There are companies that actually specialise in this and it is a great way to reward and relax your team.  For the girls booking a manicurist for 30 minute treatments is also a winner!  It should cost around $20 per person for a mobile manicurist and it is a great pampering experience for your team!
Tuesday Movies...

Most cinemas have $9 Movie nights on Tuesdays.  Book tickets online for those who want to go and enjoy a movie with the team!  You can always pick up some sushi on the way - once you get into the swing of things your team will be hooked to the r & r of a movie and sushi in the cinema every Tuesday night!  And at $9 + sushi it's a great night out!
It so doesn't matter if your work place is big or small - get into the scene and make contact with your colleagues in social ways!  

Natasha X 

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