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Have you ever wondered how some people just go from success to success and make it seem so easy. While some just simply wing it, many people have a formula and it is easy to create the formula yourself and reap the benefit.

So, here is the key! We all know what we are good at and what is important when it comes to your career, but have you ever written it down as a list? It is an interesting task and one that everyone should do. So how do you write what your career looks like? Here, you start with what you don't want! Think about the things that you would find uninspiring, like a particular industry or job or task that you are not interested in... then think about the things you do like, and feel you are good at! The key is to compare the like list with the dislike list and make sure you don't accidently go for something that you put in your dislike list as a career choice!

Once you have your list, you have started to create your formula. The key in life is to do things that you are "good at" and therefore you will be successful. Nobody wants to be in a role where they don't feel like they have contributed and got a satisfactory result! Now one word of warning, whilst you need to know what you want to do,  remember life is about the journey... so you may find to get to your outcome you might need to do some things on the way that are part of the learning experience.

My suggestion is this, make sure you can see the career path (and your wish list) in all the jobs you apply for and when you are in an interview situation, ask questions that relate to your wish list! Make sure you don't focus too much on career progression, they want to know that you want the job on offer, but it is important to get an understanding of what the future holds for you.  

While you continue to build on your career, do courses and attend conferences, even privately, that will help you to achieve your wishlist.

It is amazing how relating back to your wish list often will help you to refocus your career goals and get to where you need to be. Then when you are out and about and looking at career options you can tick the boxes from a place of wisdom and know that your choices will be part of the framework of your career desires!

Try it! 
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