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Boss lunch

We simply love this advice! 

When you go to lunch with your boss, think of eating a meal as a side activity. The true focus is interacting appropriately with your boss and achieving the specific goals at hand. While you want to practice appropriate dining etiquette, you also want your boss to feel comfortable as she interacts with you. Attentiveness and an overall positive and professional demeanour will make lunch with your boss a success.

Let your Boss take the lead.. 

Wait for your boss to sit down first, especially if she is a woman. In addition, wait for your boss to order first. Don't bring up business topics. Your boss should initiate the business conversation. If she invited you to lunch, expect that she will pay for your meal. You can offer to pay for your share, but proper etiquette dictates that she pays if she invited you to lunch.

Stay Focussed and pick appropriate topics..

Unless you are waiting for an important business call and your boss approves of you answering it during your lunch, switch your phone to silent and put it in your pocket or purse. Resist the urge to answer incoming calls or text messages during the meal. If you receive an emergency call, discreetly excuse yourself and go to the restroom or outdoors to take the call; do not speak on the phone in the presence of your boss. Keep your attention on your boss, especially when she is speaking. Lean forward a bit to show interest. If your focus seems elsewhere, you risk offending her. Make small talk when appropriate but listen more than you talk. Avoid talking about controversial issues such as politics and religion.

Drinking and Eating..

Your boss may encourage you to order an alcoholic beverage, especially if she orders a drink for herself. The best and safest practiceis to decline politely. If your boss is drinking and you feel comfortable ordering an alcoholic beverage for yourself, order only one drink during the lunch. Don't order foods that are messy or difficult to eat such as spaghetti, corn on the cob, ribs or crab claws to avoid awkward and embarrassing situations. Don't order a more expensive or heavier entree than your boss orders. For instance, if your boss orders a salad, don't order a huge hamburger with a side of fries. Demonstrate that you have self-discipline and opt for something lighter such as grilled meat with a vegetable side. If your boss ecommends an entree, order it to be polite, even if you don't like what she suggested.

Express Gratitude.. 

Write a thank-you  note to your boss and deliver it to her 24 to 48 hours after the lunch. Keep the note brief and polite. Thank her for asking you to lunch. State what you enjoyed, such as the restaurant's atmosphere or the exceptional food. Mention something notable from your conversation with your boss to show that you were listening. For example, if your boss told you that she wants to focus on customer appreciation during the month of April, write that you've been brainstorming some customer appreciation ideas to implement during April.

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