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I don’t know about you but I love my gadgets. In the crazy world we live in the simpler and more accessible the better I say.

I had this thought about a year ago. As a fashion recruiter it became obvious to me that looking for a job was a chore. It is such a right place right time thing today and if you are not glued to your computer 24/7 you can miss opportunities every cyber second. Fashion is even more competitive than most industries.

I met a sassy textile designer who had been retrenched after many years working for a leading Textile House in Sydney. When I spoke to her I realized that she had gone through a momentous obstacle course to be in the loop with the latest job ads. She registered on Seek and Mycareer for email Job Alerts and rarely received the jobs she wanted to know about and she found searching through thousands of advertisements mind blowing.

So I got thinking – how would it be if you could use sms or text technology to find the job you wanted and better still apply for the job you want from your mobile phone. Now listen guys, I am no techie but if there is a will there is a way. (And I am sure to be the gal to find it!) So the research began and today SMS ME JOBS is alive and kicking!

Here are some facts. I am big on privacy when applying for a job. Job searching in open plan offices is a big No No. If you have a 17 inch or bigger computer screen and it is an even bigger NO NO (Perhaps an OH No NO!) It’s as good as a billboard on William Street (one of Sydney's busiest streets for you out of towners)! Emails are not always safe. Many companies have policies where emails are stored on a server and you know who could know that you just received mail from you know where!

So what better way to find out about a new job than through SMS. Here is the low down. At present SMS ME JOBS is available for FASHION Job searching in Australia. You simply visit and click on the link. Then you Register for an sms alert – specifically selecting your criteria right down to location, upload your CV onto our privacy protected database (for your eyes only – unless you advertise your password!) and viola, an SMS will be sent to you as soon as the perfect job criteria is matched - instantly. Code back and an email with your CV and cover letter will be instantly emailed to the Advertiser. It’s a .55 cent investment for quality job searching!

So just imagine… you have had a bad day, the boss is driving you nuts… beep beep, beep beep… you are reading (on your tiny little phone screen) – fabulous an SMS Job Alert… right, (you think.. yes! It’s the perfect job for me!) code back…. terrific! You just applied for a job from within a one foot radius of your boss… survey the surroundings, right no-one has any idea what has just happened!

Now that’s job searching for the sophisticated guy or gal! Because you are in the know instantly – you can check your emails when you get home as SMS ME JOBS will also send you an email linking you to the Job Ad. So if you want to be the smart job seeker don’t go for the bill board approach!

And just because we love food at Rat Race Recruit Online we are launching SMS ME JOBS for in August 2007. Now everyone in hospitality will be able to benefit from the most confidential job seeking tool in Australia! So Gadget lovers register for an alert today…


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