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Resignation is a time of reflection for most people. For many people it is a time to move on into an opportunity they have dreamed of and for others it can be a result of a difficult working environment, a lack of job satisfaction or as a result of simply needing a break. What ever the reason regardless of whom you are it is an emotional time.

Here are some suggestions to assist you to handle the process...
Always resign in writing. Try to avoid writing a letter that is full of negative sentiments. You have made your decision to move on and it is better to discuss any negative feelings in a ‘resignation interview’ or private discussion if you have been invited. Your letter should thank the company for the opportunity to work for them and if the reason of resignation is appropriate to state then state the reason. Eg. Moving away, new job opportunity, overseas travel and so on. If you have a negative reason that has resulted in your decision to leave you should be tactful and state your reason in generic terms.


In some instances if you are going to a competitor of the company you may be asked to leave immediately. Be prepared for this. Don’t see this as a reflection of how the company feels about you but rather a commercial decision to protect their market position.

Remember to ask for a reference. If at all possible ask for a reference in writing. Many companies due to privacy legislation will no longer provide references. If this is the case, ask for a person who could be contacted for a verbal reference. You are entitled to obtain a ‘work certificate’ which states your dates of service and job explanation. This certificate is not an acknowledgement of your performance but acts as a proof of service. It is a good idea to obtain a copy of this for your CV.

Meet with the payroll department to calculate your entitlements. You should resolve any reimbursements and entitlement calculations before you leave the company. Keep your own record of your holidays and any bonus’ due as well as reimbursements. If you have keys, computers, a company car, mobile phone or any other items given to you by the company you need to give them back in accordance with the company’s procedures. It is an excellent idea to have the company acknowledge to you in writing that they have received all items. This should be exchanged when you hand over these items to the appropriate manager.

Working out your notice period can be challenging. Emotionally you have moved on and staying focussed can be difficult. As much a possible; give it your best. By working in a positive frame of mind until your last day you are showing your employer that you have their best interests at heart even though you have decided to move on. They are your reference and by creating a negative feeling during your notice period it is likely to be reflected in your reference so remain positive and focused.

Be prepared for the possibility of a counter offer. In a competitive work environment such as fashion your skills and knowledge could be highly sought after. So with this in mind it is possible that your present employer will go all out to counter offer you. In this situation it is really important that you take the time to consider the situation you are faced with. Write down the reasons why you wanted to move on in the first place. If these reasons cannot be addressed your feelings of wanting to move on will only come up again at a later date. Financial gain can numb the feelings for a while but the pain will return so make sure you don’t stay in your present job for the wrong reason. Accpeting them declining a new job can also not reflect well so consider this carefully before you make your final decision.

Above all my best advice is to be professional at all times during the resignation and notice period. Don’t get involved in petty office politics or enter into negative discussions with your colleagues regarding your reasoning to move on. Remain productive in your role until your last day and remember whatever the experience either positive or negative it has shaped you and your experiences in life to be a better person on all accounts.

Natasha Zurnamer Director of Rat Race Recruit Online and international job site Global Hub of Fashion Jobs. Industry specific site for the Fashion Industry with over 150 job titles in Fashion and new jobs listed daily.
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