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Learn from those who have made it... talks to the Designer Kate Hurst

Kate Hurst is a young, self-made business woman. Be inspired as we chat to Kate, our feature designer this week. Kate is celebrated for her classic, quirky and feminine designs and has made a definite mark on the Fashion Industry so what’s her advice on making it in fashion?

Kate started like so many success stories, selling her garments at markets on the weekends. Today she has grown her label into a brand that is recognised internationally.

She prides herself in the fact that her garments are Australian made, believing in quality and not quantity. Each winning collection has introduced a new and unique character in the Hurst hall of fame. Kate’s insatiable appetite for pop culture and the arts is reflected in her designs and stems from a Fine Arts background. Her label is exclusively distributed and is sought after by many actresses, musicians and socialites.

We asked Kate for advice and how to start a career in fashion, what inspires her and her advice to new designers who have a “passion for fashion”...

“I have pretty much been self employed since I finished studying in 2001. I began designing my own one off garments and accessories while I was completing my degree at The College of Fine Arts in Sydney. I sold my designs at the local weekend markets in order to pay my uni fees and really never had a master plan of where the label would go. From that point on the business grew rapidly but very organically and there have been lots of highs and lows along the way.”

So who inspires Kate’s designs..?
“Internationally I am really inspired by designers such as Fillippa K from Sweden and French designer Vanessa Bruno, their designs are timeless and their fabric choices impeccable. Locally, designers such as Michelle Robinson and Anna and Luke from Romance was Born are my greatest sources of inspiration. Their visions are uncompromising and their creativity is totally pure.”

And for those with a passion for fashion..?
“Looking back on my own path, my advice is to get as much work experience as you can before you think about starting your own label, I have learnt a lot of really useful lessons the hard way, I also highly recommend searching for some kind of mentor if you can as the fashion industry can be a difficult one and learning from those who have experienced all the ups and downs for themselves is invaluable.”

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