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If you really want to get involved in the ‘back stage’ of fashion you need to consider skilling up. It’s a technical world in a fashion head office, a domain that requires a combination of training and on the job learning but if you really want to secure a ‘glamour’ role, education will be essential.

There is one great thing about working in fashion and that is there is something for everyone.
If you are creative, administration focused numeric or like laboring there is a role for you to play.

Roles in a manufacturing company that involve warehousing and distribution would not necessarily require education. You could be taught on the job how to pick & pack as well as invoice, create consignment notes etc. From here you could progress into management roles within a warehousing environment that would include scheduling and planning, liaising with freight companies as well as overseeing the operations of the warehouse. It’s a high pressured place to work with seasonal stresses during range releases and season launches.

If you are admin and numeric focused some education might just boost your fashion career so you can achieve your goals. There are courses in retail and fashion business where you will be introduced to the fundamentals of planning, buying as well as fashion business operations. You could also consider courses in accounting and business that would give you the skills to apply them in a fashion environment. Without formal administration, business or accountancy education you could still qualify for a Reception or general administrator role provided you had the right computer skills and presentation. In this regards for the more general admin roles knowledge from another industry would also be acceptable to a fashion employer.

Then there is creative fashion and for this area, you need the right education. Fashion creative can cover design and product development as well as technical roles (patternmaking, grading, graphic design, QA/QC and more). You need to understand design fundamentals, garment construction, fabric construction and performance and more. Whilst you might have great skills in being able to come up with fabulous fashion designs it is really important that you understand the technical aspects before you will truly become a top fashion designer.

Every state in Australia offers fashion business and design courses, some are fee paying colleges that run privately and may not require an entrance mark but other colleges and universities do. Make sure you research the course contents to ensure it is going to give you the right knowledge so you can reach your fashion goals.

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