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Fashion Tips: 13 Looks You Should Never Wear at Work

Glamour Cover

Our friends at Glamour Magazine have some tips for you so pay attention!




Work-appropriate fashion should be a no-brainer, right? Just keep it classy, understated and polished. Sigh...if only it were that easy! Since there are tons of hard-to-classify outfit options out there-plus some über-confusing dress codes in some offices-we pulled together a foolproof list of work-outfit DON'Ts to keep you looking professional (and promotable!) each and every day.

Mega-cleavage tops 

We haven't seen a scientific survey on this yet, but we're pretty sure that 10 out of 10 of coworkers don't want to see each other's bods on full display. Avoid making your outfit an office fashion scandal and save skin-baring clothes for the beach or dance floor.

Über-casual tees 

We know it's hard to resist showing love for your fave band or witty catchphrase, but there's a time and a place for it. (Spoiler alert: Work's not one of ‘em.)

Ripped, shredded or tattered anything

Fashion rule of thumb: If it looks like it got in a fight with your neighbor's cat or like it was used for training by a ninja squad, you probably shouldn't be wearing it to the office. (Unless, of course, your gig involves your being on a ninja squad, in which case, high-five, girl!)

Insanely short shorts or miniskirts

Barely there hemlines may be cute at a club or out and about on a sweltering day, but make sure your bottoms pass the "Can I bend down in this gracefully?" fashion prescreen before you head off to your big meeting. Eyebrow-raising styles like these will only be a distraction from your awesome work.

Flip-flops, gardening shoes or snow boots 

Unless you're a nurse, lifeguard or ski instructor, proper footwear is capital-R required if you want to look sophisticated (and ready to take on that VIP project) at work.


Baseball caps

Here's one of the rare occasions in which you shouldn't take a fashion cue from celebs: You're trying to get noticed at work, not hide your identity, right? Save the hat for the weekend ballgame instead!

Leggings...instead of pants

Ladies, a gentle fashion reminder: Just because leggings and pants are sort of in the same family doesn't mean they're interchangeable. Unless it's a casual Friday and you're sporting them under a skirt-or a looong tunic that covers your cute butt-just say no to bringing spandex into the office.

Noisy accessories

When you accessorize in the A.M., ask yourself this fashion question first: Can I hear myself walking toward the front door? If the answer's yes, then your jangly bracelets or clinking necklaces aren't work-friendly (especially if you have a noise-sensitive cubicle neighbor).

Billion-Inch stelletto's

OK, you've got a presentation on the 16th floor and a business lunch on the fourth-but if you can't walk without being on wobble-watch, how are you going to get there? Plus, these hard-to-saunter-in shoes can make you look less confident, which is probably not the image you want to project in front of the boss. When it comes to office-appropriate fashion, just say no to crazy high heels.

Pants that show VPL

For those of us who need a refresher, VPL = visual panty line. Part two of the definition that was left out of the dictionary? It's also a seriously distracting work-fashion no-no.

Back- or belly-flashing tops

Legs and chest covered? Check and check. Now, don't forget to make sure the rest of your (admittedly adorable) body avoids overexposure too.

Anything inspired by lingerie

You know we adore romantic lingerie-inspired pieces, but please save this fashion trend for forums sexier than work. (Like a hot date.) That means no exposed underwear, super-sheer shirts and low-cut tops.

And if all else fails...

...Use this genius fashion guideline dreamed up by our intern Anna: Ask yourself, "What would Lady Gaga do?" No, don't do that. If there's even a 25 percent possibility that Gaga would wear the outfit you're considering, put it back in the closet. It's not OK to wear it at work.

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