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After meeting Kelli at the Insiders lunch, we learnt that she is a successful businesswoman, Milliner. We had found a real winner... and decided to feature her on This is what she had to say... 

When I was young I dreamed of being a fashion designer and would spend hours sketching and signing each one off with my initials, KPS! I worked at Sportsgirl in my late teens and throughout uni. I loved working in fashion retail however after completing my business degree I travelled and lived OS then returned home to a career in management and marketing.

As my 20's were disappearing I always maintained a strong love of fashion and gathered a growing appreciation of the role fashion and personal presentation had played in the opportunities and success I had received in my life. My interest in fashion design became further defined with my love for accessories and in particular, hats! Whilst working I had started designing race headwear under my KPS signature and my desire to indulge my creative interests in the world of millinery became irresistible. Giving up secure jobs in corporate I sold my house and pooled my savings to move to Melbourne and study millinery at the Melbourne School of Fashion.

The driving force behind my move to totally change my life is my belief in the power and importance of fashion. Dressing great can make a woman feel beautiful and confidant. With all the pressures we face in life I always find the days I wash my hair, dress in something fabulous and throw on my pearls are just a little easier to get through! And a day out at the races with my girlfriends in a fabulous hat, well that is like therapy! I love that one of my designs can make a women feel fabulous.

I have chosen to develop my business online - and also design ranges for selected boutiques. The KPS Designs website is a showcase of my millinery work and Eternal Style is an online boutique selling KPS Designs along with a range of classic accessories. The vision for the website is to supply timeless accessory pieces that can be mixed to create different looks to enable women to build their own eternal style. I have a love of timeless accessories and as opposed to fast fashion items they are both economical in that they last across the seasonal trends and are environmentally friendly, as they are not being disposed of after the fashion has passed. They can also be worn at any age!

We loved meeting Kelli, and she is just further proof that starting off on the retail floor will give you the motivation and confidence to go places. Kelli's mantra is... 'Stylish women are powerful, strong and influential!'


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