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It's a pheromone worth discussing, ‘fashion rations...' Definition when you lack access to all of the items of choice and accessories (including shoes) whilst travelling.

Put simply, when travelling provided you have an array of the essentials you should be right? Or are you?

I have struggled with this phenomenon, I am not and do not survive on ‘fashion rations'. I miss my silver peep toes that would make me feel special today and make for the perfect look and just how many belts does one pack to ensure that their look is perfect for every occasion? Maybe 2? I need more!

There is a theory that I have which is centred on an airline and international retail conspiracy. LUGGAGE WEIGHT. It is a theory or conspiracy that has been developed in conjunction with retailers all over the world. Give them one bag and 23kg for the outbound leg and 3 bags and 69kg inbound. This ensures conservative packing, followed by fashion ration depression, followed by shopping exhilaration. The retailers all over the world love it and in order to change the endorphins in a fashionista's brain, shopping tends to relive the fashion ration depression. So it is a win win.

But never fear fashionista's, I have some strategies for making the shopping exhilaration less painful. As soon as you begin the struggle, this can be defined by spending a few minutes trying on just the handful of items you have packed without going into a state of ‘I feel fabulous, I can wear you today', go straight to the shops and find a sturdy but cheap piece of luggage. Wheels are an essential. Then fill it! Yes go and buy the fashion items you know will make you feel better. Stuff all items into your new luggage! No one will know that you have purchased fashion and hidden it in your new luggage, and you assist the environment - no shopping bags! Make sure with all shoe purchases you leave the box with the lovely sales assistant to dispose of.

No bags, also has other benefits! Housekeeping at the hotel will not talk about you for one! So fashionista's you have 3 choices!

  1. Grin and bare fashion ration depression whilst travelling and buy nothing
  2. Relieve the stress by having a power shop
  3. Forget about luggage weight, pack your delights and pay the airline the extra for the pleasure


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