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82 out of every 100 women in North America who earn over $100K a year are Professional Network Marketers..


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This is Natasha from and this is more than job advice! This is an opportunity to change your life today and earn more money next week!  Yes next week! 

Ragtradejobs has embarked on a journey to promote ultimate Health in our incredible industry and to our circle, friends and family. We are an incredible supportive and passionate group who are on this journey together and reaping exceptional rewards in both a financial sense, health and well being and personal achievement. And we are extremely proud to be associated with a leading and incredible company to deliver this to our industry.

so, I have some simple questions for you -

If I could show you a business that has you earning income next week in addition to your current income without resigning from your job (for now) and working in the pockets of your day would you want to know more?

And, if I show you a way to improve your health, wellbeing, management of stress, clarity of mind and to feel incredible, age well, lose weight if needed for as little as $7.50 a day would you also want to learn more?

Ragtradejobs and our incredible team of global Network Marketers are living this life right now and we would love you to join us. There are simply no catches..


So just to be totally transparent with you!

1. We are a team of incredible Network Marketers helping our industry, circle and loved ones to have optimal health and being instantly financially rewarded in a meaningful way and immediately

2. Your investment on to be part of the network is Free or it is Free.. what does that mean? For as little as $7.50 a day you go onto the program so you yourself improve your wellness and become a product of the product and an incredible Healthy Bodies Fashion Mentor. You do the program in terms of consuming ALL of the nutrition and incredible products. If within 30 days so you see no improvement in your health or you have not earned income to pay 100% for your product in the program, you get a 100% refund on your product. And you still eat normal and delicious meals prepared by you as you always have - this is not a diet this is nutritional wellbeing.

3. We (Natasha + the Ragtradejobs Healthy Bodies Team) train you, love and nurture you with all of the resources, information and encouragement you need to be a success. Would you like to be earning money next week? We help you with everything and also see you at our events / online training sessions and partner events.

4. You are a success just by being you! Outgoing, shy, new to your country, working full time, working part time, a mum, a dad, single or dating, young, mature, fit or looking to improve your fitness, energised or tired.. This business and product is right for everyone.

So would an extra $380 or more next week come in handy? And how about the same or more the week after and more and more?

Join our incredible team and live your life on purpose! Your efforts will be rewarded in ways you never imagined and you will be part of our incredible team that we are all building together to improve the health and financial wellbeing of people working in our industry, our circle and the people we love.

No catches and no surprises..

Enjoy this informative presentation - it is thought provoking

Join us today. Simply send an application (no resume required) and we will call you at a time convenience to you, answer your questions and get you started with us!

We are really looking forward to hearing from you - We all have a choice in life, we would love you to choose this journey with us and be part of our incredible supportive global team and change your life and the life of others.

Natasha + Fashion Healthy Bodies X

Email today -



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