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The gorgeous Damien from Dario Cotroneo has some inspiration for those of us considering a change to RED!  

The return of the redhead! How hot should I go?

Redheads have always been a hot topic, and now that our PM is one too, it seems everyone is talking about the fiery-headed  amongst us! Copper/redheads has always been one of my favourite colours to do, but it's also such a tricky one for our climate here in Australia.

Because we do live in such a warm country, winter is a great time to dabble in a bit of red for a lot of people, as our skin tone balances out and we are not out in the sun and surf as much. But don't approach becoming a red head without due consideration and consultation! Even if the colder weather does mean a lot of us have more balanced skin, that still doesn't mean that red will work for  everyone. It's a colour that you don't want to get wrong, and it's definitely going to mean you'll stand out, so you need to get it right. 


If you are thinking about going red, the best thing to do is consult with your colourist. This way you can make a plan for your tresses  to fire up, and your colourist can advise you on how hot your hair and skin tone can handle. 

Damien X
Happy colouring! 

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