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Many of us dream of being head hunted, but what happens when one day it happens to you?

So you are happy in your job, pay is good and you work with a great bunch of people? Imagine receiving a call from a Recruitment Agent or Fashion Brand to let you know that you have been earmarked as a person of interest to join their company? Is it a dream come true?

In reality as you build your reputation in the fashion industry you may receive this call at some stage in your career. Whether you are in sales, design, production, marketing or buying there is a skill shortage of exceptional people in the fashion industry and some brands will go to great lengths for brand advantage.

Here is my advice if this happens to you!

There is no harm in investigating any opportunity that may come your way. Before you decide to meet with anyone you need some assurances. Firstly find out who the interested brand is. if it is a company that you have no interest in working for then politely thank them for the interest and let them know you are happy in your present job.

If the brand is of interest you need some assurances of confidentiality. You do not want to be in a position where your job is put in jeopardy by your present employer finding out that you have been head hunted. Although you have not actively been the one looking, just by showing interest and agreeing to attend meetings might have your present employer concerned. Meet on neutral ground or at the Recruitment Agents office if it is thru an Agent. The industry is close and tight knit and waiting at Reception for an interview could result in you being seen by someone who could let your boss know that you were you know where. It’s not only an employee of the interested brand but maybe a supplier, buyer or visitor who may have spied you at Reception… so be extra careful.

In reality any offer that is given to you would have to be better than your present circumstances. This must come in all forms – see it as ticking boxes

1. The job has to be the same or more Senior than your present role

2. The benefits need to be the same or better than your present job

3. The position needs to take you places, look for future improvement within the company and whether the brand can accommodate your own future growth

4. The company environment needs to be the same or better – you need to know a little about why this role in available and the length of service of others within the organisation. A company with high staff turnover should ring some warning bells

5. Ask for a reference from the Brand. Ask if you can meet with a colleague or customer to learn more about the company culture and ethics

6. Is the location good for you? Sometimes Brands offer big money because they are inaccessible so be careful. Travel is fine for some but after a few years it can become difficult and exhausting. If the opportunity is exceptional you may consider relocating closer..

Put simply, don’t chase money! Sometimes big bucks can be a smoke screen for a difficult work environment where the results for whatever reason will be difficult to obtain. So do your homework!

Except that if you do decide to move that you may be counter offered by your present employer. After all you are a hot shot as you have been head hunted. You might feel that the decision has been made but once you resign often the auction begins. I have seen many a ‘confirmed deal’ not come to fruition when the company who is about to loose their hot shot employee goes all out to keep them.

Above all expect that this may happen to you. Make sure that you act professionally in all of your meetings and negotiations. You are in the hot seat and it might just be the opportunity of a lifetime!

Natasha Zurnamer Director of Rat Race Recruit Online and international job site Global Hub of Fashion Jobs. Industry specific site for the Fashion Industry with over 150 job titles in Fashion and new jobs listed daily.

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