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Having a little daydream…  about Paris… Get an Internship in Paris…

When I asked my gorgeous son Zac (12) what his favorite city was he replied Paris.  And how can you not love Paris. So fashionista’s, I’m going to tempt you are little and encourage you to broaden your horizons and consider an internship in Paris. 

Experience is just that, experience and it opens doors.  You would be surprised that working and studying overseas is not as daunting as you may think.  We are all now more than even citizens of the world. Runway shows are streamed into our sphere within minutes, the latest trends and information is at our fingertips.

Your CV has to look fabulous and what better way to impress than get some experience that really counts.  Here are just a few website you need to visit to get the low down on intern; graduate and summer job opportunities in Paris.

So with just a little tenacity, an airfare, and let’s face it there are so many airlines flying to Europe at discounted rates cost is the least of your worries, and some spending money you could be on your way to making your CV scream “hire me” rather than being just one of the graduates lagging behind at home…  Ok that was purely designed to get your “can do” juices stirring….

Info stages offers internships in Paris at all graduate levels. It is an easy to following website with great information to get you started.  Check it out at

If it’s a summer job or you are dreaming about or if you have a 4-year degree then consider a visit to Inquesta.  Another very informative site giving you all the information you need to plan and apply for exceptional internship and summer jobs in Paris… 

For graduates and training in Paris you should take a visit to AFIJ this site has comprehensive information about training and graduate opportunities in the city of love… 

Then there are these two and you need a minimum of your first degree to quality for these intern opportunities and for Kapstage you need a 5-year degree.

Don’t dream about an internship in Paris, start planning and researching these great sites.  If nothing tickles your fancy just remember Aussies are generally loved abroad.  Identify companies you would like to intern for and approach them directly…  You just never know.  I know I’m dreaming of Paris, you should be too… 


Natasha X


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