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Healthy Fashion Bodies - JOIN The TRIBE! 

Join Ragtradejobs in the Healthy Fashion Bodies Challenge, Win incredible Cash Prizes and Trips and change your life!

Fashionistas we love our industry and Ragtradejobs is passionate about you!  You are MORE than your career to us...  That’s why our founder Natasha has partnered to launch the Healthy Fashion Bodies Campaign.  Healthy Fashion Bodies are optimal bodies!  Bodies that are nourished and well, energised and fantastic.  Fashion needs Healthy Fashion Bodies on the runways,rolex replica in our offices and in our retail stores.  

Healthy minds and Healthy bodies create optimal and Healthy lives and bring opportunities like no other!

We would LOVE you to join our Healthy Fashion Bodies Campaign.  Join yourself and be a product of the product… Invite 2 running mates and together support one another to optimal health and happiness..

It’s easy to join, fun and energising and a great opportunity to connect with amazing people in our Healthy Fashion Bodies Tribe. Fashion people (and fashion passionate) just like you!  

Prizes - For Australian and New Zealand Fashionista's

- You can Win Category Prizes of $2500 + a Trip to the National Prize Presentation 

- And the Ultimate Prize of $10,000 CASH + a Trip to the USA to the Global Prize Presentation


Prizes - For our USA Fashionista's

- You can Win Category Prizes of $10,000 + a Trip to the USA National Prize Presentation

- And the Ultimate Prize of $25,000 CASH + a Trip to the USA Global Prize Presentation

Heathly Fashion Bodies is about setting your own goals and telling us why you want to achieve them and is judged 50% on your story and 50% on your achievement.  Do you just want more energy?  Weight loss and Muscle Gain?  Weight Gain and Muscle Gain?  Just to feel better allover and more positive?  

There is only one way to get involved in this amazing opportunity…  You need to email or call us so one of our AMAZING Consultants can explain this amazing program and get you started..  We also have a meeting every Tuesday night in Sydney to network and learn more so we would love you to come along if you are Sydney based.  Ask us for the details!  The Tribe in Australia also have the opportunity to meet our Olympian Coaches (literally) at a fabulous Goal Setting Tribe Gathering!  

Call now or email now so we can call you back,  and let’s get you started and in the draw for these incredible prizes and on your way to an AMAZING you!

Email us now with your name and best contact number to learn more!

Australian and New Zealand Tribe call +61 413 676 967 or email

Ragtradejobs Loves - Healthy Fashion Bodies!

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