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Not very far behind the, I want to be a ‘buyer' dream comes that I want to be a ‘stylist' dream. The fashion stylist is one of the 'holy grail' roles in fashion and like the simple law of economics the supply of these roles is low whilst the demand remains excessively high...

Now just for the record I am a dreamer so for those of you who would like to continue dreaming; be my guest. But for those who want an in, let me give you some ideas and some alternatives that might satisfy your thirst for styling...

Let's assume that there are a few aspects to the ‘stylist glamour job' that has created the attraction. The ability to be creative, very busy and an influencer of style as well as the prestige of being able to say, ‘I am a fashion stylist'. There is nothing easy about the role and the illusion of glamour is a little far from the truth. The hours are long and challenging, the audience temperamental and can be ego ridden and the outcome has to be prefect, innovative, delivered with ease and on time.

So let's look at satisfying the need. If you have creative talents perhaps graphic design or fashion design might satisfy the creative desire. When it comes to design the options are far reaching; fashion, home textiles, graphics and interior design will all see you influencing design and creating your interpretation of style. But what if you have an eye for style but can't design it yourself...?

Then look into a course in make-up or hairstyling. Demand for people in hair and make-up continues to be in strong demand and you could find yourself working in film, Television or on fashion shoots in a hair and make-up capacity.

If this doesn't sound appealing, Visual Merchandising is also a great way to satisfy your stylist desires. Working in fashion or home fashion visual merchandising in particular will not only have you selecting product for front windows as well as styling, but you will also be given the task of merchandising retail spaces and coordinating products and accessories to visually appeal to fashion consumers.

In Australia there are fabulous courses in design, visual merchandising, make-up and hairstyling, you just never know where the right skills could take you but giving yourself some flexibility will ensure you find a great job that will satisfy your need to style...

Natasha Zurnamer, Founder

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