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Learn from those who have made it... talks to the Designers
of Bec & Bridge talks to Bec and Bridge Designers, Becky Cooper and Bridget Currer on their advice on how to make it in fashion...

Becky and Bridget met on their fist day at UTS in 2000. Both first year fashion students shared the same dream, to one day have their own label. In 2001 they had requests from friends for jean makeovers! They began spraying, dying and distressing jeans and it wasn't long until retail stores started to place their orders. In 2003 their designs were on the runway at Australian Fashion Week.

So where did they start...
Bridget's first job in the fashion industry was one day a week at the Women's Weekly Head Office as a fashion assistant, while Becky spent her days selling bikini's at Bikini Island on Bondi Beach.

Who inspires them most...
They love the influences of designers such as Matthew Williamson and Anna Sui and they love Missoni Homewares.

So what's their advice to making it in fashion?
Work experience! ‘Get work experience in all facets of the industry because it will open doors! You never know who you might meet and where it will take you!'

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