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Ted Baker


Ted Goes Down Underground

Ted Baker is proud to announce the opening of his first store in Sydney, Australia

Ted's been seeking warmer climes recently and has found a prime location in Australia's most famous city, Sydney. This latest store due to open Thursday 28th October features over 207 sq m of retail space housed in the new Westfield mall in the city's central business district - well everybody needs good neighbours.

Whilst investigating the area (including the local beaches), Ted noticed that a lot of places in Sydney coincidently share their names with London Tube stations. The attention-to-detail that Ted is famed for the world over is clearly apparent in this new store with its ‘London Underground Down Under' theme.

The entrance features sliding doors like those found on a train carriage and once inside you'll find a striking curved wall suggestive of underground tunnels. Coloured lines, inspired by the iconic design of London's Tube map, run throughout the store tying the whole space together.

Further tiles, patterns and colour palettes synonymous with the London Underground have heavily influenced the design of the store, but don't miss what's overhead and underfoot. Some objects have been suspended upside down from the ceiling to strengthen the ‘down under' idea. Whilst in the flooring you might just spot a few traditional tube phrases.

Vintage posters that used to decorate London's network of stations and passages have been reproduced and used in the changing rooms, while the fitting area is decorated with actual fabric and geometric patterns found on the Metropolitan Line.

However many times you're reminded to take all your personal belongings with you on the tube, one day, you're bound to forget something. But don't panic, it might just have found its way in to Ted's lost property cupboard which also doubles up as the store's cash desk.

Whilst soaking up the London vibe, take the chance to check out Ted's latest menswear and womenswear Spring Summer 2010 and Autumn Winter 2011 collections. You can't fail to notice the innovative weaves, textures and prints. All the while exquisite cuts and playful detailing create a luxurious collection that's Ted Baker through and through.

Australia and Ted Baker already have a lot of history but this huge redevelopment of the Westfield mall in Sydney will represent the next generation in retail and is poised to become one of the company's global flagships and Ted's proud to be part of it.

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