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As surfing has expanded, so too has the demand for surf fashion. And this has lead to an increase in requirements for designers and product developers.

Fashion recruitment specialist Natasha Zurnamer of says there is plenty of demand for staff but it isn’t always easy to fill the positions. A lot of the surfing companies find it hard to find staff, especially if they are located in places like Torquay or Byron Bay, Zurnamer says. “Seemingly, the roles are available but the locations can be a little inaccessible, particularly when trying to attract a talented generation Y person.”
“Living in a country town is very different to a dynamic city. Those who are able to attract the staff sometimes comment that the staff find it a novelty at the beginning and then the novelty of living in a small place wears odd.”

Zurnamer also says that those entrenched in the surfing industry can find it hard to adapt to a non-surf lifestyle. “They’re always checking the waves, “ she says “ A couple of years ago I was trying to recruit a senior person for a brand in Sydney. He was from Torquay and he declined an amazing job because he didn’t think he could take his thongs off.”


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