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Have you ever looked at a job ad and thought - ‘I'd love that job, but I've got no chance?' Have you ever had the experience of apply for a job - being the chosen one and thinking - ‘I can't believe they chose me, I wasn't going to even apply?' My theory is - you've got to be in it to win it... Here are my tips for getting the interview you have only dreamed about... and a job that's the envy of all.

Imagine if every desirable job in fashion had no applicants because job seekers felt they have no chance of even getting an interview. The truth is, the world of fashion is full of people like you and me managing brands with images to die for. Don't think that if you ‘aren't the look' or don't have the precise qualifications or experience you don't stand a chance - see every job ad as an introduction to the brand and a chance at that job - or any others that may be going!

In a labour short market employers will often become creative when it comes to recruitment. Often employers today look for values and attitude rather than the exact skill set required. It's a belief that skill can be taught, but without the right values and attitude it can be difficult to integrate the new employee into the team. So with this in mind, really truly representing your values, attitude, tenacity and loyalty could be the key to working at the brands you desire most.

Planning your application is very important. Here are some tips:

1. Read the job ad carefully - print and highlight the skills you have and the skills you need

2. Highlight the attitude the advertiser is looking for - every ad will give you a hint on what the recruiter is looking for in terms of attitude - eg. Ability to handle multiple tasks without getting flustered etc

3. In your cover letter, use the same language as the ad. Your cover letter is an opportunity for you to answer ‘questions' asked in the ad so keep it concise but answer to the requirements

4. If you are clearly under skilled but love the brand and see the role as a future role for you apply anyway, but state that you would be looking for a role within the business that would train you into the role advertised. You just never know! Employers retain the details of stand out applications and you could get an interview anyway if a lesser role is available

I am not suggesting you clog the inboxes of every desirable brand that it recruiting, but what I am suggesting is that if you have (some of) the skills and the right attitude it can often be enough to get you an interview and an opportunity to make a great impression.

Just keep in mind with employers, often if some of the checklist adds up and the attitude is right - you'll be closely considered for the job... try it you just never know!

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