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We are simply so lucky working with the latest in ‘fashion' everyday.  So why be boring and not wear the latest fashion to work?  Trust me it is an amazing phenomenon but dressing the part makes for a more successful time in business.. And it doesn't actually matter if you are in Fashion or another industry.
Have you ever decided to dress in something that is the very latest in fashion and had heads turn all day? Perhaps it's a colour that looks hot on you, shoe's to die for or the perfect accessory?  People comment all day.  By looking the part you have commanded respect and I feel it is so important to feel and look great to get to where you want to be in your career (and life!).  Your look talks in so many ways so get it right.
It is interesting how someone's look influences people's thoughts on their personality. For example I recently met someone for an admin role.  Her look was all over the show and it told me that she was disorganised.   She simply looked tired, her style was old & dark (even though she was young!) and her make-up was 80's, she was after all going for a job in fashion!  The interview turned into a coaching session and I know she left feeling and understanding how she could improve her look to get the job she wanted.
It is so important to dress to impress so here is how.. And guys, this applies to you too.
Your hair! It simply has to be right.  Invest in a straightener if you have mid to long straight hair.  The GHD we feel is the best on the market - buy one and you will be in love, they are a dream.  Don't get me wrong, messy is also in fashion but just watch out for boofy.  Mix your look - I love messy for the weekends and slick for work!  It just takes 3 minutes to look like you just stepped out of the hairdresser.  If you have shorter hair make sure it is clean and managed so it doesn't flop in your face!

Dress, you need to dress for the job you want, not the job you are in.  Now that doesn't mean you wear Choo's to a warehouse job, but make sure you look fabulous so you feel fabulous.  You want to be noticed,  now that doesn't mean looking sexy at work, and yes you will be noticed it you look sexy but it will be for the wrong reason!  You want to command respect, be noticed and get ahead!  Wear colours that suit you (and if you haven't been a colour person - turn into one, it is life changing).  If you go dark make sure your make-up is heavier to compliment the look, particularly your eyes.
Disco Diva is for the weekend!  Make sure your make-up suits what you do.  Create an experiment with a look for work and a look for play.  If you work in fashion, in a professional capacity or in anything that isn't physical you need to apply some colour.  It brightens your look and gives you a healthy glow.  If you work in a more physical role, some base, power and light colour will also give you a healthy glow.  (and Guy's, generally point 3 doesn't apply to you!)

You can achieve a huge amount of confidence by having the confidence to allow yourself to look and feel fabulous.  You are the total package and it is easy at any budget to look amazing.  You also need to compliment your confidence with your lifestyle. Exercise,  eat fresh and drink water.  Just give it a go,  get noticed, command respect and get the job you deserve.
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