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Fashion designer Weave, started her ‘By Weave' label back in 2006. Her career commenced working part time for various fashion labels so she could fund the running of her own studio. Starting small Weave began with commission work for stage performers and video clips as well as for local and international performing artists.

Her first label ‘cyberthief' was an underground hip hop street label. Inspired by artists from all over the globe Weave commenced her ‘By Weave' Collection in 2006. Sold only by VIP invitation ‘By Weave' is a label synonymous for it's beautifully crafted high end edge design.

So who inspires Weave today? "I simply love Gaultier, his craftsmanship is extraordinary... and his designs, constantly directional and incredible.." she remembers her inspiration starting at a young age and it has not diminished... "the first time I saw his clothes hanging in Paris, I definitely cried.." says Weave.

Weave feels that ‘passion' in the fashion trade is the key, without it you will be without success. Weave has set her business long term goals and feels her success has been based on patience and the journey to success. "It's also work experience, value your work experience days, they are invaluable.." 
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