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When you learn that you were the ‘runner up' for the job of your dreams it can be a hard pill to swallow.  Picking yourself up and continuing to remain positive in the employment process can be very challenging when you keep on missing out. 
So, how do you keep going...?

It's often said that practice makes perfect, but in the interview process too many interviews (and knock backs) can be confusing and continually having to give your ‘speech' in an interview can be not only exhausting and confusing but if you don't concentrate - it can be downright embarrassing; you can bomb out very easily.  So how do you plan to get the best result when you have interview after interview.
Firstly, plan interviews for when you are fresh - early morning.  Don't cram interview after interview into one day and always leave at least 2 hours between appointments. (Sometimes interviews can go forever and sometimes for 15 minutes, plan for them to go for at least one to one and a half hours).  Eat non sugary foods (brain food!) like nuts if you can't muster a proper lunch and avoid sugar drinks and too much coffee.  You need to be able to concentrate and answer questions on the hop so if your brain is in a sugar spin this can be challenging.
Make sure with all of the interviews you are going to you have lots of information about the company and the role.  It is easy nowadays to research.  Google the company, visit their website and try to get a job description emailed to you before you attend the meeting.  Have an answer for everything that you ‘haven't done before' as this will be the area that the person interviewing you is likely to focus on.  Remember today many employers look at attitude and not necessarily experience as attitude can't be taught but skills can.
If you find that too many companies want to see you on the same day don't be afraid to ask for a time the day after.  In most cases you will not miss out on an opportunity by scheduling an appointment when it suits you (if it's within reason). And, having an appointment when it suits you is much better than over committing yourself and being late, rushed and frazzled!
Treat every interview as a new opportunity and don't harbor resentment from opportunities you have missed out on.  Whilst you may think the interviewer can't sense your negative sentiments they mostly can, so be wary of your comments and body language and prepare a positive response to the questions - "So have you been looking for long?" and "Have you been to many interviews?"
Sometimes in the interview process you have to take yourself into ‘self therapy' to stay sane.  Get the advice from a motivating friend, someone who is looking at the process objectively for you and wants the best for you.  It can be a really challenging time of your life so remain balanced, get fresh air, exercise and make sure you feel confident that you can truly ‘make sense' in every interview you attend!
You can always ask our Fashion employment specialist, Natasha Zurnamer, questions via the Vogue Forum or through the contact us link if you have any specific questions regarding job hunting...

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