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Now if you are pondering if it is greener on the other side but not bold enough to test the waters, you're nuts! Forward thinking employers are looking for the best people to get the best out of our present economic times... be bold; it is worthwhile testing the waters.

Now it would not be fair to give you strong and compelling reasons to go for a new job in our present economic times so here it is...

When money is tight people generally go within and prefer security rather than risk. This is in all aspects of their lives, work, and real estate even relationships. It feels safer to deal with the known than explore the unknown. But for those who are bold, the results can be very advantageous. Let's use buying a house as an example. Generally the prices are lower due to less competition; it is exactly the same in the job market. Less applications means more chances for you to be considered, interviewed and employed.

Now, that is not the say that employers will employ just anyone, they won't; however they will have less people to consider and therefore you have a better chance of making a lasting positive impression.

So what are the risks? Leaving a stable job where you are understood, you consistently meet the outcomes set and you are in your comfort zone is often difficult to do. So you need to assess if your job gives you ‘za za zoo'. That is - do you love it; and I mean really love it? Your assessment of this is on many levels, the job itself, wages, hours, location, your relationships with your colleagues, work environment and more. If you feel something is lacking use this as your criteria to search.

You may find that working closer to home is a big consideration and that even if you earn around the same money, the prospect of avoiding delays in traffic and saving money on petrol is very appealing. So in your hunt try to find something closer to home that meets your travel need. However! Don't be put off though if you find your dream job and it is further from home than you planned - see how many boxes it ticks and if the rationale is right then go for it.

Bottom line is this. Employers are always looking for talent so don't let economic times keep you from getting ahead. (Quite frankly it is one of the best times to go for it!) Be bold, get out of your comfort zone, the unexpected opportunity of a lifetime is just around the corner.

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