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6 Fashion Must-Haves For The Season - Loved by Ragtradejobs!

Summer is over in the Northern Hemisphere and fall is finally here. This simply means that just as we are about to get out our bikinis, maxi dresses, and havaiana's, it's time to hide some skin in New York, Paris and London!  Even so, it does not give us a reason to compromise our fashion sense and check out what we are going to be wearing soon! Designers from all across the world have just released their fall collection and celebrities went gaga to try them all. Don't be left out! Here are the six fashion must-haves that very fashionista needs at least one of!

Animal Prints

Your favorite zoo animal is turning heads on the runway. You've probably seen a lot of celebrities wearing dresses, tops, sweaters, stockings, and bags in animal prints. Leopards, tigers, zebras - they are everywhere! Animal prints exude a different "oomph." They may not be too loud but they are strong enough to turn heads. Tiger and leopard-printed tops can make a woman look hot and fierce.

If you want to downgrade them for a subtler and more rugged appeal, use a plain and simple jacket to make a more neutral impression. But, if you want to be the head turner of the night, opt for a short animal-print dress. Use a matte red lipstick to color your pouter. Rihanna usually goes for the neutral look but she matches her animal prints with neutral and simple accessories. The Rihanna spunk comes from her red lipstick and nail polish.

Tie Dye

These prints were a big hit during summer but they're not ready to take the exit just yet. Ideal for women who want to keep it rugged and casual most of the time, tie dye tops are the perfect partner for your jackets and cardigans. You can use them as is on sunny days but you can also wear them with your favorite shawl or jacket during cold days.

Tie dye prints go with almost anything so do not be scared to mix and match them with different accessories. Every ensemble  is bound to exude a different appeal. At one point, you can be a bohemian chic but after putting on your chunky boots and vintage jacket, you turn into a hipster in Coachella waiting for her drinks to be served.

Layered Look

The layered look will always be everybody's favorite style for fall. Women always feel a different kind of joy when you wear your favorite closet pieces all at the same time - and fall gives us the excuse to do so. Scarves, leggings, and jackets - these are the must-haves for layering. However, if you want to be in tune with the current trends, you may also use lacy gloves for a sultry appeal and socks instead of stockings or leggings. Remember how Chanel models ramped off the runway with their clogs and  cute socks? This is exactly how your leg layers should like.

New Minimalism

Another interesting trend for the fall is the "new minimalism." These are dresses that look like the ones inside Grandma's closet. Think about muted colors and a lot of symmetrical shapes. They are the perfect piece for the fall because they can go with a wide range of accessories. A number of bangles can give you a retro appeal while a pair of pearl earrings can give you classic and sophisticated Audrey Hepburn look. This trend is perfect for women in the corporate world. You can use a printed scarf or a bright-colored cocktail ring to add a dash of color.


Yes, bootlegs are back! It's time to put your skinny jeans in the backseat. You have got to have one because this fashion piece can give you different kinds of looks depending on the accessories that you match them with. Pair your bootleg with your favorite rugged sneakers and indulge yourself in the luxury of comfort and convenience. On the other hand, if you want to sport the sophisticated and womanly appeal, wear clogs or killer heels instead.

Tuxedo Jacket

If you follow Kate Moss, you know by now that she's a huge fan of the tuxedo jacket. This fashion piece never fails to give an element of punch and charm combined altogether. Punch, because it destroys the notion that tuxes equal machismo. Charm, because confidence can be sexy and women who wear the tux believes that she can be hot even when she's wearing a man's wardrobe. Tuxedo jackets will go with a wide range of styles - dresses, rugged denims, corporate wear, etc. They are a must-have for the fall especially for women who want to be spontaneous and who are not used to making plans for the day.

So, are you ready to turn heads? It's time to awe everyone with these fashion must-haves. Channel your favorite celebrity and walk with spunk, grace, and style this season.



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