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If you are not onlinkedin then you are not serious about your career and growing your networks.  Linkedin is one of the most incredible sources of easy connection in a professional environment.  And if you are not working it then you are missing out...

I've written about it before, the pitfalls of social networking and making sure your profile is clean.  Take facebook for example.  Employers are checking your profile on facebook as part of the reference checking processes.  They want to know that the person they hire has all that it takes and knows facebook is a great way to get to know someone.  So if you have those drunken Bali shots on your profile, best you remove them and also make sure your language is clean. 

But it is linkedin that needs to become part of the profile that will give you professional appeal.  It is not only for then you are looking for a job, but in sales, business opportunity, information sourcing and gather it is essential. Here are some tips on how best to use this incredible tool.

1.    Indicate on your resume that you are on Linkedin so prospective employers can look you up

2.    Get recommended, as often as you can, get people to recommend you

3.    Join groups with people in similar, same or networking potential industries

4.    Once you are in these groups follow people with whom a relationship would be valuable

5.    Connect with old colleagues, you never know where the connections may take you

6.    Join your Company network and former education networks to connect your network further

7.    When you meet someone, apply for a job or connect with a new company / person look them up and connect with them on linkedin

So what are the benefits?

1.    Linkedin gives you the ability to professionalise yourself

2.    It gives you the ability to be found for your professional credentials and experience and could lead to job advancement opportunities

3.    It allows you to improve your sales and productivity by starting a connection with people who you can qualify would be interested in you

4.    It allows you to join groups of like minded professional and who knows where that could take you

So, when you get home tonight, if you are not on linkedin you need to open your eyes to a wealth of people connection and spend a well invested hour getting set up on what I feel is one of the greatest business networking tools available online today... Oh and don't forget to feed the cat..

Natasha X



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