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It is widely reported right now that we are set for an even greater decline in the job market over the next 12 months. Repercussions of the global credit crunch are wide spread but there is some good news on the horizon.

We have been in contact with many of our major advertisers in recent days and we are excited to tell you that many of them are planning for growth in 2009. A number of top fashion brands are opening new stores and taking advantage of competitive retail leases on offer. This is great news for the fashion job market as naturally this will increase employment in retail, head office support and product manufacturing. Although cautious it is encouraging to see just how many have this strategy.

So, what does this mean for fashion job hunters? Basically there will be opportunities available and we expect in particular an increase in late February onwards.

It has been an job hunters market for several years now, but the table have turned and the number of applications per job has sharply increased in recent months, how to position yourself when it becomes a recruiters market can be challenging...

During a more competitive job market there are a few things that you can do to get ahead of the rest, here is a top 5 to consider:

  1. Have your resume ready. Speed to application is critical when there is a decline in the number of opportunities on offer. Take time to prepare an affective and punchy resume that will ensure you get an interview. Download the free resume guide on
  2. Inform your referee's that you are looking for a new job. Make sure they know that you are looking and that people may be calling to reference you. If they are difficult to contact ask them for a suitable time window each day that is convenient and list this on your resume.
  3. Apply for the jobs that inspire you AND the ones you can do with your eyes closed! Basically don't be too choosy I am a huge believer that if you are with the right company and you shine, you will get the job you want.
  4. Use services such as email and sms me jobs. It is really important to get the competitive advantage when you are looking for a job and speed in a downturn market is essential. Register for services that assist you to know about the jobs that you are most interested in.
  5. Never close the door on an opportunity! If you get a job interview, go, no matter what your gut feel it about the role or the company. It is so easy to judge a company or job from the lounge chair but in reality, you need to go and experience the interview to really make the right decision. A no show in this market or any market is unforgivable!

Above all, keep a diary of all of the jobs that you apply for so you are prepared when you get the call!

I am a huge believer of creating what you want through visualisation and dream planning. Once again I encourage you to ground yourself and close your eyes to see what your future looks like and stay positive.

It is my belief that the experiences in the world today are a re-alignment to readjust things based on fear and reintroduce things that will serve the greater global community from a space of abundance based on love.

And fashion... well fashion to me is an inspirer of beauty, love and happiness. If you are a lover of fashion, you will understand where I am coming from... there is nothing like something new for the wardrobe to make you feel fabulous! The growth in planned so don't despair fashion opportunities will increase in the coming months!

Fashion word of Widsom - Natasha Zurnamer founder


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