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So what is every working fashion girls must have?

We ran a survey in the office recently? What is the essential item for working in fashion... Here are our tips!

Glamour shoe's have always been close to my heart... but walking the streets in your glamour heels in not only impractical it can be a health hazard. Under the desks at there are ‘pairs of choice' that is, shoes that sleep at work! In summer we recommend you come to work in your Havainas, in winter your Nike's and on wet days, your wellies... Save your heels from gutters, grills and tram tracks!

Now our next fave accessory is of course the handbag. It is safe to buy several. Make sure you have choice but one black and one white Chanel should give you great options to always look stylish. Your handbag tells a lot about you so make sure the bag suits the fashion glamour job. In the bag, you need a good quality lip gloss. It's amazing how lip gloss will lift your look - never leave home without one (or more!)

As far as outfits, every fashion working girl needs a little black dress. Accessories differently!.. Pair with heels one day, boots another and different cardi's or jackets and you will have a look for nearly every day! It is also perfect for the days when you are going straight out from the office. Search for the perfect black dress for your body shape, it's worth spending money on this essential item!

Take it or leave it, but we hope our list of a fashion working girls essentials helps you to look and feel fabulous at work!
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