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Shoe Trend: Steal Your Boyfriend's Shoes!

Women are always guilty for buying a complete fashion ensemble. Even if we wear a classy dress that complements our body type, we feel naked if we do not have an equally adorable pair of shoes. Our shoes speak so much about our personality and moods. More than just that, it can make or break a certain look. So why settle for less? Women should look their best anywhere they go. Here are the latest trends in shoes every woman must have.

Clogs. You love them or hate them but the fact remains that clogs are still in fashion. Clogs were a huge hit in the past months after Chanel beautifully incorporated clog bottoms with stunning platform sandals. The good news is that they will continue to hit the runway and every fashionista's closet even in the cooler months. Clogs are the perfect option for ladies who love to dress up in the cold months. They work best with layers of clothing and jeans.

The Boyfriend's Shoes. Oxfords have been around since the start of the year. But this time, a new breed of ultra-masculine style is pleading every woman to make them their daily fashion staple. These shoes are ideal especially for those who go for comfort and style. If you don't have the patience to wear a three-inch stiletto, this low-heel footwear could be your perfect choice. To make the trend work best, pick one that seems like it just came out of your grandpa's closet. Wear it with your skimpy shorts and jeans.

Lace-up Boots. Boots are the perfect shoes for the cold months. This time, they come with a flirty and more girly makeover - laces! Those who want to channel Kate Moss's rocker chic image can opt for a pair of the basic Doc Marten's. However, if you want to look irresistibly sexy in your shoes, pick a knee-high pair with laces all the way to the top.

Studded wedges. This pair is not for the faint-hearted. It takes a lot of guts to wear shoes with studded wedges. They are ideal for ladies who always want to stand out. Wear these head-turning pair with leggings or a cute skirt.

Kitten-heel pumps. Women who report to work every day can now give their feet a break. Put a twist to the boring and stiff corporate look. Instead of wearing high-heel pumps to the office, opt for animal-printed shoes that come in kitten heels.

Complete the look from head to toe by giving yourself a sweet indulgence - a pretty pair of shoes.

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