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Ah, winter! It's not all buy fashionable coats and fabulous boots. It's heating, hot showers and rugging up and they all play a part in drying out our skin - including your scalp! It's very common to get an oily scalp at this time of the year because combating the cold means turning up the heat at home, in the car and at work means our skin starts to produce more natural oils to stop it drying out.

A hot tip (oh the puns!) is to turn down the heat in the shower, as difficult as that may seem on a cold morning, but this will make your blowdrying time shorter. While you're still getting wet however, combat an oily scalp by making sure you use a mild shampoo and moisturizingconditioner to smooth and seal the ends. Don't be tempted to purchase an anti-dandruff shampoo though, opt for a gentle cleansing variety instead. Terax Delicato Shampoo $24.95 with green tea and Rosemary will help balance out a oily or dry scalp.
Have a small hand towel close by as you exit the shower to take the excess moisture out of the ends of your hair. Evenly distribute a good amount (a 20-50c piece size) of a moisture rich conditioning treatment such as Terax Crema ($29.95) through the ends of hair only. Leave for a few minutes, then comb from the ends first remove any knots before combing back to the roots, trying not to get to much moisture on the root area. Wash it out with warm (not hot) water.
As is the effects of winter aren't enough, your hair is also recovering from a season of summer loving. This means the ends of our hair are already dry and then we add the increase in blow-drying as winter hits. To combat this, be sure to do a weekly treatment to maintain your hair's condition. A leave in protein treatment such as Terax Life Drops ($26.95) will make each strand of hair feel more balanced from root to tip. Avoid creamy leave in treatments as these can make the ends oily whilst drying them out (two hair horrors in one!) as well as not allowing your hair to hold its style.   
When it comes to styling, be aware of straightening irons that don't have a temperature control, and avoid products that cover up the damage irons are doing to your hair. These will make the hair extremely oily and pancake flat. Cloud Nine do a great Iron in three different sizes that allows you to choose the temperature setting best suited to your hair type. And speaking of winter styling, why not get into curls this winter and still get a good use out of your straightening irons with? Check for great winter style ideas! 


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