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Is it every Fashionista's teenage dream to be a Fashion Buyer? After 11 years in fashion recruitment I can tell you that if I had a dollar from every Buyer hopeful I would be in Paris shopping right now!


Is it movies like 'The Devil wears Prada' or is it just 'Prada' itself that makes most of us dream about watching runway shows, selecting the latest fashion and buying it for today’s retail giants? Now Miranda Priestly wasn't a Buyer but you get the idea - she had influence...


Now I don't want to ruin the illusion, it has got to have some pretty seriously good perks. Travel, influence and the opportunity to be in the forefront of style, it's a life I crave! But what is fashion buying really like and how do you pave the way to become an a-list Buyer...


As the founder of it is really important to me that I go all out to change peoples lives in a positive way. Work today is about the creation of the dream and about paving the way to what you really want. By giving someone an opportunity to realise their dream in Fashion Buying I set about creating a stage for it all to happen.


When I approached Myer to join me in the quest to find Australia's Next Big Buyer the fun began. The promotion is about getting a kick start into the Buying Team at Myer, the rest is up to you! So what are you in for? Firstly sorry guys, Paris does not come into it... just yet anyway. Working as a category buyer assistant is about admin, budgets, data entry, supplier and internal communication and making sure there is no blank 2 in the next catalogue. It's about long days, trouble shooting and just in case you missed it... admin.


So - what's so exciting?! you must be saying? Well it's in fashion for a start and if you are anything like me when I first started out if it's about fashion, I'm in! You will be at the forefront of style even if you are not directly making the product selection, show a bit of initiative and I am sure the Buyers will be asking you for your opinion... will it sell?


But more over, it is about the career. If a career as a Buyer is something you have always dreamed about then go for it.


And just to help you make the dream come true, here are some tips! You need good computer skills and your admin skills need to be top notch. You will be expected to pick up errors everyday, from pricing to budgets, data entry of orders and approval of samples and orders break-ups you need to be on the ball. Just imagine an extra '0' could be a blow out in the open to buy that could be very costly!


You need to have staying power! Just because you can do it does not mean you have conquered it! Stay, work hard and be a valued team member and promotion will come your way! Don't fall into the trap of just because you know what you are doing you are ready for the next step - it so doesn't work like that!


Most importantly - give it a go! Whatever job you want is yours if you just give it a go - educate yourself with the appropriate courses and angle yourself towards the job you dream about. If it is fashion buying be prepared to start at the bottom and learn, hang around and I assure you one day you will be at the top.


Good luck and take it from me - visualise what you want and it's yours! I am dreaming of 'Paris' right now....



Natasha Zurnamer – Founder Fashion Industry Job site with over 150 job categories specific to fashion and SMS ME JOBS the latest fashion accessory in job searching…


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