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Golightly, Cher, Bradshaw:

Big Names In The Tube Make Their Way To Women's Closets....

Aside from reading a good book or  going to the buy salon, what do women do on a lazy Saturday? They curl up in their beds, grab a bag of chips, and engross themselves in a movie marathon. Women have always loved the movies. In fact, films have greatly influenced our fashion style - how we pick our clothes, how we wear them, and what pieces to buy. We easily fall in love with chic and sassy female characters that by the end of the movie, we are pretty sure that very soon, we'd be hitting the mall to find clothes and accessories that would help us channel the classy female that we saw on the tube.

Holly Golightly and her Little Black Dress, "Breakfast At Tiffany's"

The little black dress has become a staple piece in every woman's closet. You cannot be a real fashionista if you do not own at least one. The dress was popularized by fashion highness, Audrey Hepburn. The actress may have done a wide range of films but it was her character as Holly Golightly on "Breakfast at Tifanny's" that made her a huge hit among women. She wore the little black dress with lace gloves, pearl accessories, and a cute pair of pumps. Holly kept her daily fashion ensemble simple but chic and very classy at the same time. Today, ladies wear the black dress to both formal and casual events. It is a versatile fashion piece that goes with different kinds of moods and styles.

Cher, and her love for anything pastel and fluffy, "Clueless"

If you are a woman and you were born in the late  80's or 90's, it would be impossible for you to not know Cher Horowitz. Cher, portrayed by Alicia Silverstone, was high school's "it" girl. She had everything a girl could ever wish for - a well-off family, the hottest group in school, pretty face, and a huge closet! Cute tops, designer brands, expensive shoes, gazillion accessories - everyone would die to have her fashion haven. She even uses a computerized wardrobe locator to scour for clothes that she would wear for the day. The "Cher phenomenon" had girls sporting short plaid skirts, pink tops, and fluffy scarves.

Carrie Bradshaw  and her New York glam, "Sex And The City"

Sarah Jessica Parker's portrayal of a socialite New Yorker put her on the covers of the world's sought-after fashion magazines. Carrie Bradshaw gets away with anything! Women will all go crazy not just for her closet but for her street wit as well. When Sex And The City became a hit, Manolo Blahnik became a big name among female shoppers as well.


We can't deny how these three lovely ladies have influenced women in how they perceive fashion today. Who has influenced yours?

Well of course to present you at your best at the proms, you need to choose very much carefully so that when you wear that dress in the prom, you leave others speechless, amazed!

Natasha X 

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