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Jade BakerYou don’t have to win the top spot, to win a top job!
Who would have thought that six months ago a dress maker, working in Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, would now be working alongside one of Australia’s top Designers Wayne Cooper, on his current collection.. It’s a fashionista’s dream come true... we spent five minutes with Jade Baker and found that you don’t have to win the top spot, to win a top job!

As we take a look back at the Holy Grail Competition (where the winner won a job in the fashion buying office at Myer Melbourne) - Jade’s journey was truly unique. As one of the finalists, the budding fashionista describes the intense interview process as the “craziest two days of her life” and yet one that provided her with an amazing experience to build her confidence and make her realise she has exactly what it takes to make it in the glamorous world of Fashion.

The selection process was rigorous and while knew they had found some fabulous finalists with the attitude and determination to impress - the tough panel at Myer were putting the girls through their paces. So no one was more surprised, when Myer announced that the quality of finalists was so exceptional they would offer not one - but three positions!

And as luck would have it, just eight weeks later Jade (who was not one of the final 3) was offered a one year internship as a QA Officer - an opportunity that Myer usually only offered to students of RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology).

Jade’s success in her new role has by no means been down to sheer luck. The competition allowed Jade to get her stiletto-clad foot in the door, but that is only the beginning of the journey. It has taken commitment and the desire to achieve, as well as the skills and willingness to learn. Proving yourself is essential to success within the industry.

She may not have won the top spot, but she’s livin’ the dream in a top job!

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