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Damien is the Senior Colourist at Sydney's exclusive Dario Cotroneo salon in Darlinghurst.

Ragtradejobs has a crush on Damien so we made him our specialist hairstylist and colourist (ok with a little help from the gorgeous Sonia and the man himself Dario) giving you all the advice you need to have simply beautiful hair...  You'll be crushing him too,  





Damien's Latest...

Brrrr,I don't know about you but I can definitely feel the Chill in the air of winter coming.

Before you turn up the Heat at home and in the Shower, spare a thought for your hair and keep the temperature down. Our hair has had a lot of activity over the summer months; so don't stress it out too much especially with a blast of Hot Water!

As our skin gets very dry this time of the year, so does our hair.

Helpful hint, Invest in a good protein treatment to help restore the hairs structure, apply once a week is ideal (this should only take a few minutes in the shower). Then in that same week, add a few drops of Almond Oil or Apricot Kernel Oil to your Favourite Hair Moisture Mask, Leave it in your hair while you sit and watch your favourite episode of Sex and the City and let it do its work.

You'll notice a huge difference in your hairs condition and texture. Try and repeat this at least once a fortnight to keep your hair in top condition.

It's also a great time to go into the salon for a gloss colour treatment to keep your hair looking even better.

Back next week....

Damien X


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