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It seems today that there is a strong trend in the air - job hopping for promotion..
  Why is it that the number of resumes that show promotion within one company is becoming less apparent...  This is both detrimental to job seekers and employers, so to hop or not to hop?  I think you can get to where you want without jumping ship.

Dissatisfaction in the workplace can be for a number of reasons; some of which are easily solved by speaking up.  But what happens when you crave more but you don't know how to go about becoming more fulfilled in your job?  Many people find it difficult to ask for more responsibility and more money so they rather look elsewhere for job satisfaction.  The truth is eventually your resume will resemble a list of failed relationships and employers will look at the trend of your working life and not like the pattern.  Basically it will all catch up with you and cost you in the long run!
Being able to show the staying power, guts and ability to stick it out and get promotions within the same company makes you highly employable in the future and also makes you a huge asset to your company of employment.  Knowledge within their business is an asset and it will be significantly easier for you to call a few shots when it comes to negotiating the employment terms you are looking for in the future. 
So my suggestion is this - be strategic when you want more responsibility or promotion. Obviously in some very small companies it can be difficult to obtain a promotion but in most businesses even the small ones more responsibilities can be built in to make your day more interesting (and reward you too).  In companies both big and small, request a review with your Manager but take the lead.  Plan the role you would like to be in and have some really compelling reasons prepared so you can convince your Manager that you have the skills. (get hold of the Position Description  of the job you want if you can and write down answers to all of the skills and knowledge required to get the promotion).
In weighing up whether you should move on or not - write a list of positives and negatives about your job, work environment and the people you work with and determine whether you can seek just want you want in the company you are presently in.  If there are loads of reasons to stay, lobby for what you want in a positive manner and (of course ultimately it's about you) but make sure in your review with your Manager you always draw it back to the good of the company and what you have to offer to meet the goals of the business.  ( All Managers love company focused and passionate employee's)
So to hop or not to hop?  Assess it first and only hop if you have seriously explored the opportunity to stay..

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