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The content and presentation of your job ad is key to getting the right responses from job seekers... after 11 years of solid ad writing I want to let you in on a few key things that you need to know...

The Job Ad Title...Your job advertisement title needs to tell people more than just the job title to get them interested in reading on.

For example - Store Manager - This title lets you know about the role but make it more specific... for example.... Surfwear Store Manager or Designer Kidswear Store Manager...

The Content...In the content of your Ad you need to cover the following.

1. A description of the Company – include location, branding, years of operation, philosophy and positive things about the company

2. The Job Responsibilities – In point form so they are easy to read (7-8 points is enough for less Senior Roles – more Detail for Executive Roles)

3. The Prerequisites for the role – In point form list the education, work experience and attributes you are looking for

4. Specific Details – For example salary and conditions, whether the role is full time part time or casual and so on…

5. MOST IMPORTANTLY – A CALL TO ACTION! Make sure there is a ‘Call to Action’ in your job Ads…. Like… ‘Your friends will be green with envy when they hear you got this amazing job! Apply NOW!’

The more spacing in a job Ad the better and don’t abbreviate words wherever possible as people read via word shapes and shortened words can be confusing.

Ensure you check phone numbers and email addresses to ensure they are correct so you get responses!

Good Luck and remember a Job Ad is a reflection of your business – make sure it reflects the business with energy and you are sure to attract a quality response!

Information provided by Natasha Zurnamer Founder of Job Board Specific to Fashion with 150 Fashion Job Categories and new jobs listed daily.


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