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There is something Ineed to share with you.  And I hopeit might just help you to get your career moving in the right direction.  It comes from my own experience and areflection of not engaging within, as I potentially should have in the past...

It's called - I KNOW

"I know" is within usall.  It is that inner voice weoften ignore but is so often right. The key is tapping into "I know" as your inner resource and looking atthe world through the answers that come from within you.

Have you ever wanteda job so badly you couldn't sleep at the thought of missing out on it?  You had not only sat at the desk, butyou could see your business card and feel the excitement of telling yourfriends about the amazing job you had just landed?  We have all been there.  The deflated wrench when it wasn't the one is sometimes sodifficult to manage even taking the next breath feels impossible. 

Shock is the emotion.  How could someone have possibly beenbetter than me?  Where did I bombout? Shouldn't have worn those shoes... whatever the case may be, there was an inner "I know" preparing you butperhaps you were not tuned in?

I see a sign in somany things and if you tap into this "know" you can make some good decisionsand better still, suffer less highs and lows in the pursuit for what youwant.  Many years ago I accepted ajob with the "know" it wasn't going to be a good environment for me.  Then why was I surprised when it didn'twork out? 

Can you see decisionsor even experiences in your life where you have also had an internal gutfeeling and gone against it only to feel disappointment? And yet on reflection you can say with conviction I knew that was going to happen?

It only takes a moment to tap in andlisten to your "know".  It won'ttell you what you want to hear every timeyou tap in.  But it will save youfrom many highs and lows... so why not take a moment, go within and see what "yourknow" is trying to tell you?

Natasha X

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