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Why is it that when we create a dream that we fear taking the step or leap in life? You can relate this to many things in your life but I have seen this in so many fashion employment situations.. You dream of a job opportunity and when it is presented to you; you feel frozen… so what do you do?

Do you fear the fear and stay where you are or do you take the plunge?

It is my strong belief that all things come to you because you attract them. So why it is that we often want to run from the very thing we have attracted? Feeling comfortable with your job, knowing the people around you and the expectations is very comforting. You have heard it called the ‘comfort zone’ so often and put simply feeling comfortable is a great thing. But being able to challenge yourself, earn huge money and work in a dream job that you have created is also so exciting – so when it is crunch time why do some of us decide to stay where we feel ‘comfort’?

Let me inspire you to embrace your dreams and take the plunge..

If you take a moment to reflect you will see that all of the things we create in our life is a reflection of our thoughts and dreams. It could be the car you drive, the place you live or your job situation. We can create both good and not so good for ourselves; sometimes while we think we are attracting something positive we are focused on the negative situation we are trying the escape from. Let’s look at this from the positive perspective...

You have created your dream job. The brand, salary, job title, travel and prestige of wanting to work in this situation is so overwhelming you can almost taste it. By writing down this dream or simply putting yourself in this situation each time you dream you are attracting and willing this dream to you. So when ‘seemingly’ out of the blue the stars align and you are offered an opportunity that you have dreamed about some of us all of a sudden get cold feet.

If you find yourself in this situation here is what I recommend you do...


1. In a quite space write down and analyse the offer? Look at all aspects; the company, position, salary & benefits, location and the future opportunities that will come as a result of taking this leap.

2. Consult a friend who has the same beliefs as you! Don’t discuss this with a friend or partner who would feel threatened by you growing and developing in your life.. Find a positive like minded sounding board. Sometimes our friends and partners can feel like they are being left behind so choose carefully and make sure the person you confide in really wants the very best for you!

3. Make a commitment to yourself! Commit that change can be daunting but the result is going to be awesome. Acknowledge the fear and take the leap if your gut instinct feels right…

Quite often people can fear that the dream that they have created is within a class that they don’t fit into. This can sometimes be the reason for their rejection of the dream offer. For example you have been offered an amazing sales role that will see you networking with the cream of the fashion industry. You will be in social situations that you only dreamed of and you fear that you don’t belong Let me tell you that the very reason the opportunity has been offered to you is because someone else believes and feels you are worthy and you do belong so go for it!


Regret is one of the things that no one deserves to experience. Extend yourself, feel the fear and make a difference to your life. You will never know your true potential unless you apply yourself and enter the ‘uncomfortable zone’ to achieve the greatness you have dreamed and attracted into your life. Remember the saying ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ was created for a reason, make sure you don’t run away from a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ for obvious reasons you will spend a lifetime waiting for the next one!

By Natasha Zurnamer Director of Rat Race Recruit Online and international job site Global Hub of Fashion Jobs. Industry specific site for the Fashion Industry with over 150 job titles in Fashion and new jobs listed daily.

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