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Thinking about a career in fashion? Why not focus on the areas within the industry most in need and be assured of a job and great future in the industry..

Here is the inside word..

When you study fashion or retail why not focus on the roles with the greatest employment potential. In Australia there are a few areas where employers are always struggling to find great candidates - in retail, it's planners and in design it's pattern makers. Learn more about these great roles - they might just be worth you up skilling or studying so you can be assured of your future in the industry and never struggle to find a job in fashion...

The Retail Planner..
A Retail Planner is a head office role that is best suited to someone who loved administration and number analysis. Primarily your responsibilities will include: stock planning and determining the quantity of product required to go into the retail stores. Monitoring and planning the Open to Buy (allocation of funds to each product line purchased) repeats orders, buying plans, markdowns and stock movements. You need to love excel spreadsheets and feel rewarded when all things add up! It definitely is for a dot your i's and cross your t's type personality.

Some planners get involved in the product range reviews with design team. With so many people who work in fashion wanting to work in ‘design and creative' roles it's the role of Retail Planner is ideal for someone who loves fashion but is better suited to bean counting! You'll also work very closely with the fashion buyers - they will be relying on you to assist them to make the best decisions!

The Pattern Maker..

Many companies have relocated the role of pattern maker offshore. But there is still strong demand in Australia for pattern makers and some companies literally look for months to find them! So where have all of the pattern makers gone! Put simply pattern making is not an easy role. You need to have strong attention to detail and a lot hinges on getting the sleeve right - imagine 15,000 unwearable garments due to a pattern error! Has happened believe me!

Today's pattern makers have the benefit of computer aided pattern making equipment which takes away some of the manual side to pattern making. It also means that patterns can be stored and modified which is a huge time saver. Companies are paying generous salaries for qualified pattern makers and let's face it - you work closely with the designers and in the hub of activity so why not consider being a career pattern maker?

To be a pattern maker you need to have strong attention to detail, lot's of patience and the ability to work to deadlines. Many patternmakers now days get involved in fittings, specification sheets, costing, and QC. So expect some variety and to never ever be bored at work...

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