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...a good friend, champagne, free goodies and fashion… what better what to spend a girly morning?
Last Saturday I went with one of my girlfriends to my first styling session. We met at the Rocks in Sydney for a coffee and then headed over to the session which was being held at a very cute and quaint boutique hotel, a great venue for an intimate girly get together.

We started with morning tea and champagne (for those who wanted to get their weekend off to an early start.) It was the goodie bag filled with great bits and pieces - a scarf, earrings, an assortment of teabags and vouchers for an online website “cedar leaf”, (a maternity website!) and more that got me excited... (I will explain later.)

From the start I liked the approach, it was refreshing to see that the model used was a realistic size, not your skinny runway model… this helped demonstrate how to apply current styles and trends to the ‘real’ woman. The first outfit was a cute pinafore, which was coupled with opaque tights and… peep toe heels! Yes… I learnt that this is ok to do… so bring your summer shoes into autumn this season with confidence… and patterned tights are a must!

The key to this season is to choose 3 base colours, say black, white and grey… then use accent colours to highlight or create a look. Rich purples and electric blues are this seasons hottest tones, with red also making a statement. Most of the accessories used were representative of this … from a skinny high-waisted red platted belt teamed with a red oversize handbag, to purple ballet flats from French sole and a simple purple clutch, its seems the trend is pick a colour and make it work!

A great tip was how to maximise the items in your wardrobe… transforming dresses into tops! 2 of the outfits demonstrated how to do this by throwing a skirt over the top of your dress, either hiding the bottom half of the dress or using it to create a layered effect… very cute! But a belt must be worn to combine the 2 items to finish the look.

Fashion seems to be heading away from loose fitting dresses into a more structured look… however no need to throw out those dresses, create a sinched in waist with a belt to create a waistline for a more structured look. David Lawrence ankle boots, heels and trench coat are a must have! As well as coloured leather gloves to wear to and from the office in the colder months… this will really make a statement out of any outfit.

Now back to that website, cedar leaf… a maternity website, the beauty of just about everything on this site is that you don't have to be pregnant to indulge! It combines a highly fashionable wardrobe of functional clothing, shoes and bags that double as maternity wear but are for the everyday girl too.

I actually purchased a Billion Dollar Babes, black fitted dress with ruffled lace around the neckline from the website, its cute and wearable both day and night depending on the accessories! At the session this was teamed up with a pale grey long Country Road cardigan (seen on Miranda Kerr in the latest issue of NW magazine), opaque tights, peep toe heels and a necklace from Sportsgirl. I love this look!

Finally don’t be afraid to wear patterns…bold and bright, toned down with black, grey or tan accessories.

Such a fabulous start to a gorgeous Autumn Weekend in Sydney! I really enjoyed myself; it was a good excuse to wake up early on a weekend and a great way to spend a morning with a girlfriend learning about the latest trends while sipping on a glass of champagne. Now I can go shopping for the autumn season with confidence and perhaps a slightly smaller list of things to buy…

I simply love loving fashion... xx

Written by Vicki L,

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