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Every woman wants to look good. We'd stuff our bedside with fashion magazines because we want to know the latest trends. We go crazy when we see Viktoria Beckham in her new Hermes handbag. We gush over Kate Moss' new pair of Balenciaga pumps. But the sad part is that, we cannot afford them. Why would you buy a $5,000 Hermes handbag if you can't even pay up your credit card balance?

The good news is that every frugal fashionista now has the solution.Through fashion for hire services, ladies can now wear their dream designer dresses and use their favorite luxury handbags without hurting their purse strings. These services "loan" designer items like bags, dresses, shoes, etc. to women for a minimal amount in the condition that they will return the item during the stated due date.

Here are some of the most popular fashion-for-hire websites every woman should bookmark:

Women who want to wear designer dresses can now make their dreams happen - without having to spend as much. gives women the chance to wear their favorite designers like Miumiu, Lanvin, PPQ, Stella McCartney, Ossie Clarke, Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Tata Naka, and a lot more! Simply visit their site and pick an item that you want to borrow. Customers have the option to borrow the dress for either 2 nights or 7 nights but if you want to enjoy your designer item for a longer time, you can always renew your contract. offers free membership. They have a roster of big names in the fashion industry -Alice McCall, Wayne Cooper, Nicola Finetti, Camilla, Illionaire, Manning Cartell, White Suede, Life With Bird, Natasha Gan, etc. Ladies can borrow a minimum of 3 garments at a time. The package will be delivered within four business days after the order is placed. Customers can keep the dresses for 7 days commencing the date of delivery. loans dresses, shoes, accessories, bags, jewelry, lingerie, swimwear, jeans, and many more. The site offers a mix of limited edition items that every woman is sure to love. Ladies should visit their site and pick the items that they wish to borrow. Customers can borrow four items at a time for seven days. Items are delivered together with a caring and return and instructions.

So why hurt your pocket when you can now have the glitz and glam of your favorite celebrity without having to spend as much?

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